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  1. Bingo! I had a related issue with an old app that I moved out of the folder as a copy. I would have never figured this out.
  2. We have had someone complain about this too. 7M posts over time. Person says they are missing a bunch from various time periods. The compressed forum posts table are 3.3GB before and 3.8GB after. I don't know what the extra 500MB could possible be. At least it isn't smaller. Maybe there is a reason why they don't show?
  3. What I am finding is that we just need the option to link to the emojis on our keyboards directly. Can this be done?
  4. What are the chances you are a resource or you would be willing to teach this to me like I'm five? 😀 I actually know the basic ins and outs of all this, but the learning curve on this part seems to be significant. I have three advertisers: adsense, Amazon, and a third party. I don't know how to put them into admanager, rotate, and do the things described in this topic. I have always just pasted static code.
  5. WAG on that improvement? 2x RPM? More less? I have been running adsense for 10-15 years without issue.
  6. What sorts of improvements do you see using these techniques over running straight adsense?
  7. What happens if members have legacy points, say 9 points, and I make a new action that bans people for say 5 warning points? I assume there isn't a retroactive crawl through the database that searches for every member with 5 or more points and bans them. Correct? Is the new action only activated on subsequent points?
  8. I upgraded to 4.0.7 last night and it broke a lot of things. Unfortunately, I did not keep my previous version. Does anyone happen to have that version? I have pm’d the developer, but I am waiting for a response. In the meantime, I’m trying to fix some broken things. Thanks.
  9. Has anyone else ditched ranks or do others still find value in rewarding members this way?
  10. I was trying to mod the hook directly. I didn't even realize there was a settings page. Thanks.
  11. I have tried to add the box to: forum index/topic index/posts but unless you are a skinner, I don't see how this is possible for the average admin. Could you post an example of how to get the shoutbox on top of these three pages?
  12. :lol: Ok, given the discussion we're having in another thread about removed features - this comment from the past made me laugh at loud. :)
  13. Brandon, is the functionality to hide these images from guests or other user groups still there? If so, I think these responses from IPS are incredibly weak. I would be much more satisfied with "because this is what we want to do and what we say goes..." because really, that is clearly the real answer here. I have a hard time believing Matt was bored and started pontificating on the roles of never-used browser features and decided he had right this wrong. Your response about bandwidth and modems is unfortunately rather dismissive of other people's situations. Remember, you guys REMOVED this code. It already existed. No one asked for anything new, just continuation of what is already there. No one asking you to rush to create features for the burgeoning 56k modem users. However, you don't have to step on the necks of people who are bandwidth-limited either.
  14. What was wrong with my response? I found Matt's answer to be woefully unrealistic in the real world and stated that. I suspect Matt very well knows he was reaching there, as I doubt this was the reason the feature was removed. It very much reads as a justification after the fact.
  15. I don't see that when I hover over or click the FB icon.
  16. Since we are on the topic of images, can anyone tell me if the settings still exist to restrict guests, etc... from viewing avatars/sigs/attachments?
  17. Wow. You are far too intelligent to pass off that argument as even remotely equivalent to anyone. Non-answers like that just infuriate people.
  18. Is that really true? I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.
  19. This is almost shocking. What a glaring, indefensible mistake this is. Here are three important reasons off the top of my head why this functionality is critical to some readers: 1. Browsing forums at work. Images call a great deal of attention to your activity. 2. Bandwidth. Not everyone rocks the FIOS connection IPS... 3. Racy avatars, etc... One may be interested in reading about their favorite sports teams, but would rather not have half naked chicks on their screen around their young kids. Now, there is no option to accommodate everyone. As for topic descriptions. I just counted my two forums (one of which has 2 million posts). The index has 19/40 topic description utilization. The other one has 21/40. I guess I'm a "nobody" according to Matt. Thanks bud. Regardless of their utility moving forward, I have 100,000's of posts that many/most won't make ANY sense without the appropriate topic descriptions in them. How the heck is this not obvious? Turn 'em off by default if you must, but don't tell me nobody is using them when they clearly are and don't make any accommodations to maintain backwards compatibility to display critical information that my readers chose to convey in that field.
  20. Do you see any potential big security issues here? I'll definitely be a buyer once this gets ironed out and safety concerns are alleviated.
  21. Ok, I have two 3.1.2 installs on the same server, one works and the other doesn't. No idea why. Both skins are just changes from the default skin and are almost exactly alike.
  22. We watch sports on my site and people fade in and out all the time. 1/2 the chat is filled with these notices. We should be able to toggle that on and off.
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