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  1. In IPB3 it had a standard tool, that administrators could choose the maximum avatar size in topic. This is very useful in square format. Not everyone wants a small avatar in their community.
    I had already requested a simpler and sufficient version, now it got better.
  2. Will you update the theme Mnd to version 4.1.7?

  3. Hisashi

    Mind Theme

    @XndrMc Will you update the theme to version 4.1.7?
  4. If the service will be terminated, you could remove the limit of online users until you completely terminated. Another suggestion. Make the app available for free on the market. (No update)
  5. Before changed the date and time automatically, now it only updates by playing in front of the home.
  6. Hello, I am an IP.Page user, the app is awesome but does not have its due attention. I would like to request 2 tools, in fact a tool already existed but has been discontinued. ----------- 1. RSS/Atom Feeds This tool is awesome, but only works for forum, would it be possible to add in IP.Page? ----------- 2. Publish (Immediately) < discontinued This option was very useful until version, people did not waste time changing the date and time of the exact moment.
  7. @onlyME I'm thinking of buying. Could add an option, where instead of a default thumbnail, show the picture of the user, as in the standard block?
  8. Confusion in CSS "ipsButton_important" What did you do? I can not change their color, without mentioning that each button is in a different CSS.
  9. @Veilon 1. Version Mobile: The avatar is getting over the title, and the statistics are confusing. 2. When trying to change the language in the mobile version, the following message appears.
  10. Request/Suggestion Could add to the theme the following modification? Will make it more interesting! Example: http://www.ipsfocus.net/4x/theme.php?id=110
  11. Staff Directory is not with the correct structure
  12. It works in most browsers, just not directly(URL).
  13. When invision will accept this image extension? https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/
  14. Hello, I want to edit the report page but I can not find the template, you could tell me what is the name?
  15. Hello, Whenever I try to do the following things, the following message appears: Google Chrone: The connection was reset. (After getting time loading) Create article Access AdminCP Upload Image (In this case, the charging does not complete.)
  16. Hello, Publishing on my website as usual, I felt the need for a tool to filter searches. Like the ones that we can observe on shopping websites. Although we have tags, it is not enough. With this tool, we could separate in a more organized way. Look at the example images below, of how it would work, and let your opinion.
  17. Suggestion: Add an option to disable the "Footer" in mobile version. Because it is too large. I don't quite understand, but I know the following code. <div class = "ipsResponsive_hideDesktop"></div> <div class = "ipsResponsive ipsResponsive_hidePhone"></div>
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