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  1. Suggestion: When I was searching for themes, I found one with the profile interesting. You could do something like...
  2. Templates > core > front > global > footer Look: <li><a href='{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->privacy_type == "internal"}}{url="app=core&module=system&controller=privacy" seoTemplate="privacy"}{{else}}{setting="privacy_link"}{{endif}}'>{lang="privacy"}</a></li> Add below: <li><a href='URL'>Text</a></li>
  3. This text is literally standard, I was referring to something else, and already marked as resolved.
  4. It seems that the problem is in version 4.1.3, I tested the latest version and it worked
  5. @onlyME When disable, it works. Test with your Adblock released to the domain >
  6. I did not test, but the description says that work with gallery
  7. Resolved. Edit the template "Footer"
  8. It's not working with
  9. Is there any way to create these text-link in the footer?
  10. Ok, it may be something on my server.
  11. Is it me or the plugin has required much of the server?
  12. Really, I thought the "Minimum characters to search" ignores this rule. After they added 4 characters to search. Ruined the search tool.
  13. The content can only be found when complete at least one word.
    This plugin was not in my plans, but it has become an excellent tool for the type of content of my website. What I found most amazing and satisfying, was the developer's support. He quickly made an update for support to record images (1.0.3).
  14. I allow the visitors use the report tool, but robots are indexing the page title. Where can I add the following code to disable indexing? <meta name="robots" content="noindex">
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