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    good app, thanks and worth 40$!
    Great theme! takes some poking around to find out how it all works, but once you know, its easy. I was a bit lost when the admin theme made everything invisible, but you can change the admin theme to the default ipb theme and you're all good! support is really fast, the author replied within minutes
  1. There's a new chat just released and I paid for the development to have it integrated into IPB. If you want the info send me a PM. trust me its the best chat around and works like a charm.
  2. at last! we shall be able to browse the pictures! Grouping and browsing the pictures is essential, and the slide show that reloads the page each time is just the worst type of navigation for browsing 10000 of pics.
  3. hi amgedosman, i cant get this to work. i've tried everything, but it just wont show up. any ideas, i've followed all your instructions.
  4. i use arrow chat now with a push service. Works great!!! increased my members online by 200%
  5. and another note, I absolutely hate when a big company abandons their website and decides to link their domain to a facebook or myspace page. that's simply throwing the towel in the ring and saying "hey facebook and myspace are so great, we dont need a website anymore" and that's just crazy
  6. @ Lase 90% of our forum members don't use facebook. Our forum is less than 1 year old and we have 11,000 members + 80 to 100 new registrations per day and we dont like facebook at all! The other 10% that are actually on facebook dont want people on facebook to see who they are on our forum, so what you write makes no sense to me. Our forum allows users to be anonymous and use nick names. yup, thats how most forums work, with nick names. Depending on the nature of the forums discussion topics, not everyone is interested in having the facebook cluttered on their site. Another thing is facebook plays with your personal information, and not everyone likes that. We actually prefer to have as little facebook and social media integration as possible. yes it helps getting hits, but facebook is not all that. Facebook is a phase, i used to be on there everyday, day and night back in about 2006 / 2007 when it started. I have grown out of it now, still have my account, but check it once a week and mainly use it to stay in touch with friends i lost contact with. I do NOT use facebook to find interesting stuff on the internet. Twitter is a culture, and not used by the majority of people! It's over estimated....more people use FARMVILLE than have active accounts on twitter. Look what happened to myspace, its not a place for friends anymore, its a place for wannabe rappers, singers, bands, and djs. Did you know that myspace was originally developed by the same guys that invented SPAM 1.0 (viagra, penis enlargement etc.) and then they sold it to rupert and started flooding it with spam ringtones... remember? One day Facebook will become MSN Live FACEBOOK with a Trojan inside and we'll see who survives the cut, ipb or MSN Live FACEBOOK...microsoft is already shareholder.
  7. not sure if i had to post this in bug tracker, but I had this same thing happen again today when i logged in. seems to be something with load. which browser u guys using? Firefox?
  8. today i logged in at: http://community.invisionpower.com/ and saw the attached wierd. some refresh and it was fixed.
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