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  1. Since it’s only been implemented for a few months already, I’ll give it a couple more months to settle in. When people start to realize the issue this causes, Invision Power Board will remove this requirement. You can mark my words :). This type of business won’t last long.
  2. "Popular drummers forum". While I'm here running a forum for a small Garry's Mod gaming community. I spend $2500.00 on Garry's Mod Server Add-ons and $1000+ on XenForo add-ons and themes. Want to know what the cool thing about that is? I own every single bit of it and I can download it at any time I please. So don't come 'Barneys Girlfriend'ing at me about what forums software I should and shouldn't use; I've ran my community model with the mindset of being able to survive without donations, but with Invision Power Board's team being greedy, and being laid off from work due to COVID, that possiblity has just now become alot slimmer. Unless you have the money to give me to spend on $200 a month for both the Garry's Mod Server, web server, and license divided up into the six month period on a month-per-month basis, I suggest you stick to your little drummers forum.
  3. Because not everyone has hundreds to thousands of members that can donate at every given moment. Some people are still trying to grow their forum the right way by not using freeware forums or cheaper alternatives. This also helps in the long run so you don't need to worry about converting over to a paid platform in the future...
  4. It's not just to keep them up to date, it's also to purchase them. Once they remove this requirement I'll be renewing my license, but until then I'm being forced to stick with XenForo.
  5. That right there is the deal breaker. I was going to renew my IPS license to switch things up a bit from XenForo, but after I saw that I'm not able to purchase and download new add-ons for my forums after the license expires in six months, I decided to stick with my XenForo installation. The greed from the IPS team is real and I can't believe it's come to this.
    Honestly, it's just an overpriced, generic theme. There are alot better options out there that offer far more customization. Specifically, Dreadnought or Edoba. In addition to this, not only is it $35.00, but the renewal is $15.00...
    An excellent theme with excellent support from TAMAN. Keep up the great work, TAMAN!!
    Works beautifully, especially when paired with TAMAN's A different article styles for the articles themselves!
    I loved the swiper slider on Taman's Dreadnought theme, so I had to buy this. I had a quick issue with the add-on that involved my site's cache, and Taman quickly fixed it.
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