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  1. That isn't obfuscation. That is an ipV6 address
  2. specific email addresses? Understood...you've probably created a number of SQL queries then (1 per email address) and not just using one catch-all query. But for the benefit of those reading at a later point - if wanting to do this for a specific email domain then can be done via the above method:
  3. What are the criteria that you are using at the query level to select those members? Note: I'm more interested in here in showing someone that the query above isn't needed, just in case someone arrives at this topic at a later point.
  4. If that provided SQL query definitely is meeting your needs then you could have just done the following on the members listing in the ACP... On the resulting dialog, change "Group" from '-Any Group-' to the name of the group that people are in - then click the 'Search' button. Then click the link... Thus saving you many hours...
  5. Got Pages? In the ACP, do the following (specifics included only...if it's not specifically mentioned, it's up to you what you set things as) Go to Pages -> (Page Management) Blocks Click "Create New Block" Change "Plugin" to "Upcoming Events" Click 'Next' Name it & add a description Go to the 'Content' tab Change "Use this tempate as-is" to "Use as a base for a custom template" Find the following: {{foreach $events as $event}} Add this below it: {{if $event->online}} Scroll down to find: {{endforeach}} Add this above it: {{endif}} Save Go to Pages -> (Page Management) Pages Click "Add Page" Click "Next" Name it, give it a filename Click "Save" Give permissions On the resulting listing of Pages, click the "Open page builder" Use the block manager to drag your new block into place on the page. There's your online events page.
  6. You've probably found this out then - it looks like it is to do with the Privacy of the club. "Private" clubs - it's logged, but it doesn't show up in the "Deleted content" section.
  7. Actually just testing it out on a test site - it appears to not be adhering to it. Working fine on a dev instance though.
  8. No idea if this is intentional or not...just reporting it. Steps to reproduce: Log into the ACP Navigate to Customization -> (Localization) Languages Click 'Translation Tools' Enable 'Quick Translating' and click 'Save' Click 'Quick Translating' again Result: Now, right-click the 'Translation Tools' and open in a new tab or window Result: Now, navigate to anywhere else in the ACP that produces a tabbed display...example: System -> (Settings) Login & Registration First tab looks fine...click the second and third tabs Result: Now, to the front-end... Go to the Forum application Click 'Start new topic' Result:
  9. The key is in - it's right there in front of you. That isn't quick translating - that is "View word keys" This is quick translating...
  10. But it isn't so... <span class='ipsType_light'>{datetime="$topic->start_date"} {lang="in"} <a href="{$topic->container()->url()}">{$topic->container()->_formattedTitle|raw}</a></span>
  11. Try clicking on the pages then...that's how I found it. Anyway...on a default install with all applications, and nothing 3rd-party... It's on page 81 if doing a search for 'in' as the language key It's on page 51 if doing a search for 'in' as the language key, targeting the 'System' app only. Don't want to do that? Then use the 'Quick translating' tool that is available in the ACP.
  12. Upgrade - yes. Patch - as I've never gotten a notification of one despite having that set to notify me, nope.
  13. They mean that you need to apply the patch that is available in the support section of the ACP.
  14. It appears to be very easy to reproduce - @PinPics, please correct me if this is NOT what you are trying to report... Create an event for today Set the event to repeat weekly, same day, for as long as you want. Save it So, you should now have an event that is today (30th Jan) and then 6th Feb, 13th Feb, 20th Feb and so on, correct? Yeah ya do... Or do you? Now try using the search for events on those specific dates. Result: 30th Jan - there it is 6th Feb - where's the event? 13th Feb - where's the event? Where's the February events?
  15. Tested on 4.7.15 Steps to reproduce... Create a new event with a start date of 1st February 2024, and start time 9pm and end time 10pm Save the event Result: Edit the event and set it to repeat daily Save the event Result:
  16. Keep an eye on this, as it's likely the same issue under the hood...
  17. Just to answer this - nothing is being changed; just saving the group with strict mode on will trigger the error.
  18. Yes. Or just set that field in the database to 0 for all your records, and run the task again (obviously, take a proper backup)
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