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  1. It tells you in the placeholder and the instruction text. example.com/embed/ means "any urls that start (ie have a base) with example.com/embed/"
  2. He probably thinks the same as the person from IPS who agreed it was not a logical step and mentioned that he would bring it up internally for discussion.
  3. ACP -> Customization -> (Editor) Settings -> Advanced. Look at the 'Allowed iframe bases' setting. You don't need codemirror to enable source mode in the editor - you need to allow your group "Can post html?" in the group settings, and then the 'Source' icon appears for you if you are in a forum that allows html to be posted. Once you see how it works, you can then play around with creating a custom button in the editor to allow people to post links that you can convert to an iframe, all without the need to enable the 'Can post html?' setting.
  4. About This File Plugin which allows administrators to control the display of topic replies to guest viewers, showing a custom editable message to guests. Guests must register & sign-in to be able to view the replies. Can be set on all or specific forums. Topic exceptions can be made using a comma-separated listing of the topic IDs which will not be affected. Developed & tested on IPS, and actively being tested on 4.1.7 Beta
  5. No worries - in the event that you are using categories, then you can cross check their ids in the cms_database_categories. The 'category_database_id' is your link to the database_id from earlier.
  6. Insert one item in to your pages database. Look at the cms_databases table in your site database and identify the database_id for your pages database. Look at the cms_custom_database_X (where X = that database id) table and review the content, and how it is populated. Take that structure and mirror it in your excel spreadsheet (titles etc) Use the Import -> CSV functionality in phpmyadmin to import the csv file in to the table. It's how I've populated over 100 years worth of football league tables in to a pages database - approximately 20,000 records.
  7. Doubt it - that is intended to update a database that is not UTF8/UTF8MB4 to one of either UTF8 or UTFMB4 - if the database is already UTF8 then I doubt it would do any conversion. Easy way to figure it out for yourself - that database checker is included in the IPS4 package.....go to http://www.yourdomain.com/admin/convertutf8/ and see what it says to you.
  8. Then download & do a localhost install - they are present in a new install, so are probably extracted from somewhere. Edit: admin/install/emoticons
  9. download the full package and look in uploads/emoticons
  10. localhost, plain install (no upgrades)
  11. Aren't they the ones that have the "@2x" added to the filename of the original file? (all in uploads/emoticons)
  12. Probably - install a localhost test board and try it out.
  13. Something that may help those who are planning upgrades now that PHP 7 is available.... For the last couple of weeks, I've been doing a test upgrade/rebuild every few days in preparation for doing an upgrade next week. My forum has ~3 million posts and the rebuild process was taking approximately 2 days (just over 2 days) to complete via CRON, running on PHP 5.6.x When PHP 7 was released, I put it in place on my server - left the PHP version at 5.6.x for my test site, went through the upgrade and then changed to PHP 7.0.0 when the upgrade had completed. I then put my CRON in place and left it to it. Checked just 24 hours later and it was close to finished. Since then I've performed 2 further test upgrades, one with 5.6.x entirely and the other putting PHP 7 in place after the completed upgrade but before running the rebuild tasks - and the results have been great with the switch to PHP 7.0.0 for that rebuild portion. Now looking at a down time of just 2-3 days instead of a previously planned 4-5 days.
  14. You can run the CRON at any rate you want - running it every minute just means it gets done quicker than running it every 15 minutes.
  15. Kevin - I downloaded and started playing with this the other day and I just have to say that this is probably the best mod/addon/plugin/application/whateveryouwanttocallit I have seen for IPB/IPS since I began using it 12 years ago. Cap well and truly doffed to you. Could I get your input into a set of rules I'm thinking about? I run a fan site for a football club and use the calendar for match fixtures. We also have a forum in which a topic exists for each match. Previously keeping both updated has been manual and I'd like to try to automate part of it. When I create a fixture in the calendar, I'd like to create a topic in the forum with the same subject/title as the calendar item, but also include the start time & date of the calendar item. In addition, if/when the time/date of the calendar item changes then the subject of the topic is updated too. Is this achievable with the application?
  16. As you said, you went to your site. Go to /admin/upgrade first instead.
  17. A little tip regarding the setting up of the CRON job to handle the tasks for rebuilding - I upgraded my 3.4.7 test site, containing ~56,000 topics/2,600,000 posts, to RC3 on Wednesday and calculated out that the rebuilding tasks would take close to 72 hours to complete even with the CRON job set to every 1 minute (was seeing only a .02% increase every minute for the posts rebuild) The smallest interval that a CRON job can run at is every 1 minute - but there is a way to go lower: sleep xx; (where xx is the number of seconds to wait before running the command after the ; ) I have 3 CRON jobs now set up to run the tasks, each every minute - first one is as presented by IPS when viewing the CRON options within the ACP, but the other two have sleep 20; and sleep 40; added prior to the same command. Result: the task processing was down to every 20 seconds, and I started seeing a .05%/.06% increase every minute for the posts rebuild as a result. So if you are in a position to know that running faster than a minute will not impact your hosting, then give it a try. Note: once the rebuild is complete, no real need to keep the extra 2 so just revert back to having the 1 running every minute.
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