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  1. No need - once I've taken a closer look then I can fix it. Totally forgot about the 'Download attachments' permission that was available, so I'll just refine things to adhere to that instead of the simple guests check that is being done in this case. Busy all day tomorrow (normal work) so afternoon is the earliest I can take a look.
  2. OK - I'll take a closer look tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Provide a link to your post then, which makes it easier to see the 'issue'.... Reason I put 'issue' like that is simple: if the video is an attachment then there is no point showing the player. Why? Click the link to find out...Guests cannot view attachments in 4.2.x: If it's a remote link then that is different. Hence - provide a link to the post so I can see the 'issue'
  4. Once I've got my next release of this out, then I can look into that.
  5. What's new in version 1.0.6 added an advanced setting to allow administrators to modify a remote url in the event that the target site doesn't allow hotlinking via that url, but does via another url. Example: Dropbox shared links are in the format of https://www.dropbox.com/s/stuff/filename.mp4?dl=0, which cannot be hotlinked however, the url https://dl.dropbox.com/s/stuff/filename.mp4 can be hotlinked.
  6. For others reading this: preload ≠ autoplay. Preload functionality for the html5 video and audio tag basically tells the browser whether to automatically load the content ready for viewing/listening. There are three possible settings, and they are documented in the plugin settings. Autoplay will automatically begin playing the content after the page loads, and I will not be adding this functionality to the plugin purely for the reason stated above by ProSkill
  7. In theory, yes. But I've just tested it out and it appears that dropbox don't allow remote embedding....I'll test again later, but it looks like a 'no' right now. Update: I've determined how a dropbox url can be modified to allow hotlinking. There's no change needed to plugin to actually support this but below is what you would need to do now to have it work. Further update: I've just spent a couple of minutes putting in a little function to do the manipulation needed, so that will be in the next update I release (v1.0.6) Example url provided by Dropbox when creating a share link is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aewhi52igjvxp18/video1.mp4?dl=0 Remove ?dl=0 from the url Change www to dl Submit post Without the url manipulation: With the url manipulation: At some point in the future, maybe. I don't own, or plan to own, a license for Downloads so for the moment it's a 'no'
  8. v2.0.1 released - fixes issue with images linked from gallery showing as broken links.
  9. As already noted....that is a bug that will be fixed in the next version, which is now my next target for release.
  10. No PHP file editing required - you can edit the template for the video/audio display: Just add your link above the <video> or <audio> tag in the respective templates.
  11. I was planning on releasing v1.1 next (which would allow the functionality of the plugin to extend to Pages/Calendar/Announcements/Blogs) but there are a number of issues that I need to overcome before I can release it (namely, not having access to the likes of Blogs & Gallery to ensure that the functionality works/doesn't impact those applications) I still plan to get that one out there, but it's going to take a little longer than originally planned. I now plan to release a new version which will expand the functionality to Pages/Calendar/Announcements, with a follow-up version expanding the functionality to Blogs. In the meantime, I've backported other items that I planned to include in v 1.1 and am releasing v1.0.5 to get those new features out. So....... What's new in version 1.0.5 added ability to control the preloading of video/audio files added ability to control which forums in which the video/audio players are displayed added ability to allow the video player to be resized within the browser window (up to the size of the maximum width defined in settings) removed the maximum height video setting, as it is not used any more (video maintains aspect ratio on display/resize) Important: There have been some reports recently of other apps/plugins seeing settings disappear/resetting after some time or on app/plugin updates, so please review your plugin settings after updating.
  12. I'll look into it...won't be too difficult at all.
  13. I'll release v1.0.4 later today - it will include the 'preload' functionality that I mentioned earlier in the topic too.
  14. I'll test the released version against a cloud demo later today....shouldn't be difficult to fix.
  15. You're running the beta of v1.1 of the plugin, so thanks for posting this. For the sake of avoiding confusion, please report issues with the beta to me via PM. All others - this issue won't come up with the current released version.
  16. I like that idea and it will be v1.1, and will also tie-in with the video resize functionality that is coming in that version too.
  17. That is all down to the file itself, and the browser - the default behaviour of the html5 video tag (the plugin simply does that....adds the video tag around the file's link) is to perform a preload of the content it is to play...if the file contains the information, then an image (ie the very first frame of the video) will be displayed. If it doesn't, then white screen. Again, not an issue with the plugin itself.
  18. As mentioned in my loooooong PM reply - the plugin itself is working fine, and is displaying the video player for the videos. The issue is that the browser displaying the player is unable to play the file because a codec to do so is not available.
  19. Yeah, 'down the line' means next update to the plugin ...coming soon....
  20. Yup - the plugin modifies the display of the links/attachments, as opposed to modifying them prior to submission, so it's backwards-compatible to items uploaded prior to the plugin installation. If you aren't seeing the player for an attachment, make sure the attachment's file extension is added to the plugin's video settings.
  21. No, the issue will be always. Anyway....hoping to have v1.1 out at some point in the next week or so.
  22. I can't reproduce - hence why I requested what I did. If you wish to investigate at a later point, send me the requested details so I can take a closer look. Update: may have reproduced what I think you are explaining. I'll fix what I've spotted and release an update in a couple of days....likely to include that other item you asked for via PM too.
  23. OK - your call. Just for the record here - I am offering assistance if you need it but if you want a refund then let me know (you will lose access to the free plugin you received too)
  24. Can you send me a PM with a link to a post showing the issue (along with login details so I can view as a member too)?
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