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  1. Should be able to - I do some similar stuff in this plugin to what I do in my HTML5 audio/video player, so I'll take a look. Now that is going to be a bit more difficult - the ad is placed between paragraphs, not within a paragraph. If you can come up with a html example of what you want to achieve, then I can take a look to see if it's possible here.
  2. What's new in v1.0.3 added some additional options to the 'Which post(s)?' plugin setting. Now includes: First post only All posts First post on each page only Last post on each page only First and last post on each page
  3. I'll put out an update later this week to add some options to the 'Which posts?' setting.
  4. What's fixed in v1.0.2 fixed issue where ads that were disabled were overriding enabled ads. (v1.0.1) fixed issue with Adsense code triggering a back-end PHP DOM error and failing to display ads (v1.0.2)
  5. Permissions are handled by the advertisement itself:
  6. In the absence of these, sit tight while I try to reproduce your situation (will be quicker with the above though) Try version 1.0.1 - if it doesn't resolve your problem with the 'wrong ad' then I am going to need ACP credentials to take a closer look (screenshots of the results is not going to cut it here)
  7. So what's the problem? You have one as enabled, and it's showing a different one? Do you have e the same custom location set for both? Send me ACP credentials if you want.
  8. Show your settings (each tab) - that's for the 'wrong ad' the placement of the ad (over the text) ... That's down to the code in the ad itself. Nothing to do with the plugin.
  9. The 2 highlighted items are most likely the problem - look at the HTML source of your login page. Do you see any fields called ips_password or ips_username? Those are the names of the fields on the login page for my site which still runs 3.4.9 but the corresponding fields on the 4.x login page are auth and password
  10. Plugin which allows you to place advertisements within the post content posted in your forum. List any advertisements that are configured with a 'custom location' and provide settings to control where and how to display those ads within post content. Control after which paragraph the ad will show 0 = shown before the posted content. If the number of paragraphs in a post is less than the number chosen, then the ad will appear at the end of the posted content. Show within quoted text. Show in all or some forums. Topic exclusion option available to avoid showing ads in topics, if required.
  11. 1 - correct. Why show the player if user can't play the file? (Download rights are required....otherwise the player is just trying to play a HTML Page displaying an error message) 2 - can be done in Chrome, but not other browsers (feel free to Google the 'Control List Settings' functionality i added to the plugin)
  12. Testing on IPS 4.3 Beta 1: Plugin works without any modifications needed. No conflicts with the new video upload functionality of IPS 4.3 There doesn't appear to be any posts rebuild functionality for items added prior to upgrade, so old uploaded videos won't be automatically converted to embedded videos unless the post is edited and the existing link is removed, and the already uploaded video is added back to the post. Audio is not embedded in IPS 4.3 Plans for this plugin in IPS 4.3 final: I plan to extend the preload/width/size and controls list settings functionality in my plugin to control these items on the automatically embedded items added natively by the IPS 4.3 software. When will this plugin be supported on IPS 4.3? when IPS 4.3 final is released.
  13. Yes, you would have to wait for it to download before it can be played. If you have the preload setting for audio set to either None or Metadata, then it will begin downloading when you click play. If you set it to Auto then it will begin downloading when you load the page (and therefore the player)
  14. What's new in 2.2 Settings have been modified to allow the 'Replacement content to display' fields to be translated (please review plugin settings after upgrade to populate the fields with required information - old values will continue to work until plugin settings have been updated) Support for IPS Community Suite 4.3: this plugin has not been tested on IPS 4.3 as of yet, and will be tested during the beta phase of IPS 4.3 if you decide to upgrade your live site to IPS 4.3 during the beta phase, then please do not expect support for this plugin if there are any issues. if any updates are required for this plugin then they will be released as IPS 4.3 approaches later betas, and is closer to final release.
  15. Anyone who downloaded v1.1.3 earlier, please update to v1.1.3a which I've just published - typo in there that I missed in my testing.
  16. To save the dev having to ask the question - have you gone to the link that it provides to obtain a MapQuest API key, and obtained an API key and then put it in to the apps settings?
  17. Not sure what version of IPS 4.2 that issue sneaked in at - I was using the 'ipsnoembed' attribute on remote links as indicating that they hadn't already embedded, which means 'fair game' for my plugin. Looks like that attribute is no longer being applied on remote links, so had to come up with another option. What's fixed in v1.1.3 fixed an issue where new remote links were not being converted to display the audio/video player.
  18. Just tested it out here - yep, there's a problem with remote links. I'll take a look later and push out v1.1.3 when sorted.
  19. 'Can post html' is not required, as the plugin doesn't post any html. It converts the link when the post is displayed, not when it is submitted. Put up screenshots of your plugin settings, and provide a link that doesn't work.
  20. What's fixed in v1.1.2 fixed an issue which affected blank field content in Pages databases.
  21. I know what you mean - that is the "original link" It's up to you what you do with the CSS - just target the new 'neavplayer' class (just added in v1.1.1) in your custom.css to do what you want with it.
  22. I can show you the code that the link takes but it's nothing to do with the plugin at all. The plugin will take this out if 'Display original link' is disabled, and do nothing to the link if the setting is enabled. It's simply the default link that is is put in by IPS when you add an attachment. <a class="ipsAttachLink" data-extension="core_Attachment" href="http://localhost/ips_42/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=24" data-fileid="24" rel="">a2002011001-e02-16kHz.wav</a> So that is what you target via you custom CSS. If I do any further development on the plugin then I can pop an additional class in to the link that you can then target if you wished to only change links for audio/video files. Stuff it....was easy to add so update released What's new in v1.1.1: Added 'neavplayer' class to the link that is left in place in the event that 'Display original link' option is enabled for audio or video.
  23. What's new in v1.1 plugin has had a complete rewrite to reduce duplicated code and improve performance, as well as allow easier addition of new functionality as and when needed Audio/Video player can now be displayed in the following areas: Forums Pages Blogs Calendar Messaging Announcements granular permission functionality to control a group's ability to view the player depending on the type (audio/video) and location (local attachment or remote link) of the media item Preload functionality now specific to video and/or audio, instead of a global setting Added support for the Google Chrome supported 'controlsList' attribute, which allows the hiding of certain controls in the HTML5 video player. Important: after upgrading the plugin, please review the settings to adjust them as required to introduce the permissions/location functionality. Note: There have been some reports recently of other apps/plugins seeing settings disappear/resetting after some time or on app/plugin updates. If you do experience this issue, it may be prudent to uninstall/re-install the plugin.
  24. New topics, replies and editing of those posts should all be covered.
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