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  1. Just to help further here... Assuming that you actually dragged a file and not a link to the file hosted somewhere else, then that should be enough. But the problem is that your browser needs to be able to support the playback of .wmv files in the <video> tag - otherwise, it will display the fallback link which would explain this: Screen capture is something I was toying with for this resource https://www.ynwa.tv/files/file/18-ne-media-recorder/ but didn't see a market for it. If you are Cloud hosted, the 'Team' level will likely assist you with your main issue: https://invisioncommunity.com/buy
  2. https://developer.amazon.com/support/amazonbot/ Includes informaton on adding to robots.txt
  3. And within that post is a link off to another discussion which contains further information. Here - let me save you reading it again:
  4. Did you configure the web app in the ACP? No point in doing other checks if this hasn't yet been done, so just asking the question...
  5. You post on the forum, just like you did. It's not 'no support' - it's 'no email support'
  6. No worries - any issues, post over on my site.
  7. https://www.ynwa.tv/files/file/27-ne-hide-content/
  8. The upgrade check process simply alerts you that a new version is available - it doesn't pull anything in. Or you click the "Check for updates" button before you upgrade to see if there is a new version available (if the update check URL is implemented)
  9. This was always based on 4.7.x - it never went more granular than that to 4.7.11 and so on; if it had then developers would have been needing to do updates each and every month just to reflect support for each new version (4.7.12 or 4.7.13, etc.) End of the day - do your due diligence; check the developer's site, see if a new update has been released and check the change log if one is provided. Test, if you have the ability to do so, and if still in doubt, ask the developer.
  10. Android Chrome - 'Install app' in the settings menu Android Firefox - 'Install' in the settings menu
  11. Correct - I never said it was the ultimate solution, but it's better than the OP thinking the following:
  12. To me it looks like you've still got the folders from IP Board 3.x or earlier in place on your site, and within those folders someone has placed a tonne of dodgy PHP files. The following folders can be dumped as they are definitely from IP Board, assuming you're not holding on to them for a reason: /cache /converge_local /lofiversion /interface /style_images /public /ips_kernel
  13. The first file I would be doing would be to look at /applications/core/modules/admin/members/group.php to see if happens to have the following code anywhere: echo "2023"; exit; or even something like this: echo date("Y"); exit; And if it is there then remove it.
  14. They go in different locations...by any chance, did you put the API one in the root of the site, replacing the one you put in to add support for friendly urls?
  15. https://www.ynwa.tv/files/file/20-ne-emoji-enhancements/
  16. Have you done this? It's not the same as the friendly url stuff.
  17. Assuming you've set up the API in the ACP, putting the .htaccess file in place, and provided them with an API key?
  18. Change this setting - and then the next time the "cleanup" task runs, say 'bye-bye'
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