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  1. Search for "edit" in your ACP and click on the "edit log" result
  2. You have replaced this: setting="base_url" You haven't replaced this: {setting="base_url"} notice the curly braces you have left behind, that you should be removing?
  3. No, you would replace all of the provided content: {setting="base_url"} ...with your chosen content.
  4. @sadams101 - all you have to do here is post up the content of the message you are receiving, and not just a subject or screenshot. Why? Because there is only one thing that is called by cron related to Invision and that is the following file: applications/core/interface/task/task.php That file is then responsible for running the task queue - and as the output from the file is usually nothing then the cron will usually get nothing back to identify which specific task is being run within the queue. If the messages are indeed related to that then it's a task within the Invision-space that needs further investigation. Currently, you're looking for a needle in a haystack.
  5. There isn't. You could take a look at this but I wouldn't consider it 'Global' Any questions on it, ask over on the site.
  6. Take a look at the blurb about {content} - it's the text that is highlighted when clicking the button: Any content you type after the html is added will be outside the html you have added. Want content in it? Type the content, highlight it and then click the button.
  7. You have to create a block in the ACP, using the "Manual HTML" or "Manual PHP" options If you need assistance with taking your code and rewriting it to work then you'll need to provide the code.
  8. Go to Pages -> (Page Management) Blocks in your ACP Click 'Create New Block' Select 'Page Builder: Upload Images' Click 'Next' Fill out whatever you want on the 'Details' tab (only really needs a name) On the Content tab, do the following: Change the 'Use this template as-is' entry to 'Use as a base for a custom template' Change this: <a href="{$urls[0]}"> To this: <a target="_blank" href="{$urls[0]}"> Click 'Save' On the front-end, drag that block in place and fill your boots.
  9. Correct - to affect a video that has been added by a user clicking the uploaded file to add it to the editor, you would need to modify a JS file (and even then, it's not a file but a row in the database...and you don't have access to that, and it would be updated on every upgrade anyway) There are other ways to apply it but it requires a plugin/application to do it. I've got it as a feature in https://www.ynwa.tv/files/file/38-ne-html5-audiovideo-player/ but that would be hitting a small nail with a very large hammer if your requirement is simply to add that controlslist.
  10. I'm guessing they mean this - 6 pinned topics now taking up just 3 rows instead of 6.
  11. Yes you can. Assuming you are talking about this: body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagecontroller="page"] div.ipsPhotoPanel time{ display:none; } If you want to do it only on a specific page: body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagecontroller="page"][data-pagename="articles.html"] div.ipsPhotoPanel time{ display:none; } Pages has its own templates, outside of the theme, where you can simply remove the following line: <li>{datetime="$record->mapped( 'date' )"}</li> ...from the indicated template: To do this, you would have to edit the indicated template and change: <li>{datetime="$record->mapped( 'date' )"}</li> to: {{$now = time();}} <li>{datetime="$now"}</li>
  12. No - you should not make any changes like that, because your assumption that IPS\ = a directory is very wrong
  13. Are you running PHP 8.0 or 8.1? And if so, have you run the requirements checker to ensure all is well? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7046-invision-community-requirements-checker/
  14. Right click the element that you are trying to mimic, inspect it and take a look at the code: <a href="https://invisioncommunity.com/messenger/compose/?to=610431" data-ipsdialog="" data-ipsdialog-title="Compose New" data-ipsdialog-remotesubmit="" data-ipsdialog-flashmessage="Message Sent." data-ipsdialog-forcereload="" class="ipsFlex-flex:11 ipsButton ipsButton_light ipsButton_verySmall">Message</a> There you go - that's your code; make necessary modifications add it via the Source button in the editor, or create a custom button in the editor to allow you to add it with the click of a button.
  15. Yup...ips.editor.insertable.js That is used when the user chooses to click the video to add it. The template is used when the user doesn't add the video themselves - screenshot below is the code of a submitted post, where 2 videos were attached, but only one was clicked on to add it and the other was added via post submission:
  16. Away from my PC right now but I seem to recall that the html template only gets used if the user doesn't click the uploaded video. I think there's a hard-coded <video> element in one of the editor JS files which is used when the user does click the uploaded video to add it to the editor themselves. Back at PC in 10 minutes, will check then - happy to be wrong on this one though.
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