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    DanLemX got a reaction from kmk in More Clubs stuff!   
    Would be nice to be able to re-arrange/re-order and add custom links to the Club Menu items. 
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    DanLemX reacted to inkredible in Wiki based Dev Docs   
    you've got such a great contributor community but you don't use it's full potential. I've learned so much from others and I am still willed to return the favour. At some point I noticed that I even forgot the solution I've learnt in the past and I am having a hard time finding the post/threads again.
    Why don't you allow users to suggest edits/new posts in the dev docs? Basically a wiki based dev docs page. Obviously it should be moderated by one of your developers to make sure the information make sense to some extent, but it would help us and other developers. At least create an own Guides/Tutorial section for developers. The fact that someone can't edit it's own guide/tutorial thread endlessly is annoying too.
    These are things only IPS can change to further improve the peer to peer development support.
    By the way I am very thankful for the official developers' support there, that's something what is great. Brandon does always take care of any questions in the gateway section and other sections too if one tags him. He's really a big help when one is really stuck. 
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    DanLemX reacted to Futtura in Improve performance of static files   
    Hello everybody!
    I work with performance.
    Today the IPB has a poor performance at Google Pagespeed Insights. The mobile version note is 65+ in speed section, too bad for a site!
    Mainly about the javascript/css files loaded at <head> section. Is too many files.
    Can you improve this? Like minify 1 css only, instead 8 or more files loaded today. 
    And load the Javascript files via ASYNC mode, like <script async ...>, this is a good practice nowadays.
    Regards folks!
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    DanLemX reacted to Charles in I have to give props to the IPS team   
    Thanks everyone We are really proud of 4.2.
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    DanLemX reacted to Lindy in I have to give props to the IPS team   
    I say don't resist temptation any longer. Renew that license!
    Seriously though, thank you for the kind words. The guys have worked tirelessly on 4.2 and it shows; we're really excited! 
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    DanLemX reacted to Matt C. in I have to give props to the IPS team   
    I'm not currently running any forum (I used to), but I love forum softwares and I always check in on various softwares to see what's new. I have to say that I think the IPS team is doing amazing things with IPB. I see a lot of new stuff and innovation that other forum softwares would leave to addon developers. 
    I see so much new stuff, especially with IPB 4.2 coming soon, that I'm tempted to renew my license just to test stuff out locally. 
    Keep up the amazing work. 
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in More Clubs stuff!   
    I'll add it to the plugin I'm working.
    Delete nodes by the owner on public side:


    Font end:

    It's incomplete, of course, but it will be there. Unfortunately I can't work exclusevely on it now... I'm finish a custom and upgrading apps to 4.2.
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    That's it. Remove both files from applications/classifieds/hooks and then go to ACP -> System -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly and run the tool.
    Menus will not appear anymore.
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Thanks for testing 4.2   
    Mine isn't because I don't have this:

    That's why it didn't appear.
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    DanLemX reacted to Charles in Thanks for testing 4.2   
    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone using the beta release of Invision Community 4.2. We have already fixed your major issues and most people are reporting that things are running generally quite well.
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    It will have all features from IPS 4.2 and a few new features. Unfortunately, we still don't have documentation on new features. Anyway, the app will be update on marketplace as soon as IPS 4.2 (final) is released. 
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    DanLemX reacted to onlyME in Musicbox (Support)   
    It will be updated when the 4.2 final is ready.
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    DanLemX reacted to Michael.J in Videos Support   
    I've just updated the Videos app with several minor and crucial bug fixes. Support has also been added for changing the video author and next/previous video links.
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    What's New in Version
    Fixes issues reported in the Tracker while I'm working in a major release with new features.
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    DanLemX reacted to DesignzShop in Questionable again IPB - Expired license - remove upgrade banner   
    Yes, that is what I was referring too. The update nag banner doesn't help a person with a expired license. I have more than 1 license. Maybe I do not want to renew the additional license right now...  Back to this again.... sigh... not good ethics in not being able to remove it except for it will force people to renew..
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    DanLemX got a reaction from Subdreamer in Invite System   
    Oh and one little thing I found that could be an issue.... When a user registers through Facebook or Twitter (or i'm assuming any other social media that is linked), they do not need an invite to join the community.  This could be a problem for some.  For my site, I think I will disable Social network sign-ins and registrations for now.
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    DanLemX got a reaction from Subdreamer in Invite System   
    This is a fantastic app and worth the purchase.  Would be nice if we could do the following in the future:
    If a new registration does not have an invite code, they may instead purchase a membership (or purchase an invite code). Able to have invitations to a higher membership level.  For example, if someone registers as regular member normally, he can get be invited by another member into a type of VIP or Private member group  Keep up the great work, these are just suggestions.
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Invite System   
    I'll take a look.
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    DanLemX reacted to Bluto in Revenue Idea in IPS4   
    ​Great to hear!
    On a side note, maybe adding support for Bitcoin would be considered?  That way at least you'll have a foundation for digital currencies and can get feedback from customers.  I thing you guys would be pretty safe adding support for Bitcoin at this point.  I think it's safe to say that Bitcoin isn't going anywhere for awhile.
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    DanLemX reacted to Michael.J in Videos Support   
    I will need board access (ftp+acp) to troubleshoot this further. There's just too much complexity around the file storage and the recent changes for me to guess what could be wrong here.
    Please see ACP > Community > Videos > Permissions and set your permissions for your user group and others. Particular the permission to edit videos and who can manage videos.
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    DanLemX reacted to Flitterkill in Commerce cover photo request   
    Product groups in Commerce can have a cover photo applied which is great but there are no methods for re-positioning the photo so you are stuck with whatever is in the middle of the image as the cover photo image. A hack around it would be to upload an image roughly in the aspect ratio of the displayed version but with re-positioning as a feature already existing in the suite maybe we can get some here?
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