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  1. I can't tell you more than what this mod doing - changing spider group grom guest to another. That's all. Everything beyond this isn't included in support for this mod. 

  2. 8 hours ago, balazsp said:

    so I am not sure how I can even verify that the plugin is working.

    Use any of the browser extension to emulate your useragent as a spider and then check.

    See forum permissions:



    Plugin settings:






    When I disable mod:



    It's working fine.

  3. 1 hour ago, Interferon said:

    I just installed this. I changed an existing product to use SULK license keys for new purchases. I purchased a new copy of the product from my own account using my account balance.

    The transaction worked and the license keys list shows that one is used, but how does the customer actually receive their key? I don't see it anywhere.


    1 hour ago, Interferon said:

    Okay, I found it is hidden away in "Purchases".

    This is very confusing. The email the customer receives does not contain the key. After ordering, they are told they can go to "My Orders" but that page does not contain the license key either.

    Is there any way to send the key in a way the customer will actually see it? If I have to send out an email every time someone orders something then this is no better than just manually sending keys.

    Hello @Interferon,

    this is how IPS4 Commerce license system works now. This mod "just adding" new version of it (from normal md5 generated key) - allow your own license keys (from an external system mostly).

    So any suggestions about e-mail notifications and changes places where customer may find their keys should be addressed to IPS Team.

    Hope you understand me. 🙂

  4. 7 minutes ago, Jim said:

    Not be able to search (I've set this to one search per day to limit this... I'm really surprised there isn't a setting to stop guest searching)




    9 minutes ago, Jim said:

    Not be able to see members names / access their profiles (issue because of the sidebar)

    The same place:


  5. 1 hour ago, Jack Corsellis said:

    When a member follows a forum then they can choose to receive notifications, emails (day weekly) etc.

    When choosing the notification setting then the member's receive a notification bell when there is a new comment or topic but don't receive a new email each time there is a new topic/comment in that forum.

    Is this expected behaviour?

    I thought we would receive an email each time a comment or topic was added to the forum being followed.

    Is there something else I need to set up to make the emails work?



    I may have something for you. PM me if you're interested. 😉






  6. 7 hours ago, balazsp said:

    Can I assign a dedicated group to bots

    Yes, this is what this mod doing.

    7 hours ago, balazsp said:

    with the group assigned to a single barebone theme


  7. 54 minutes ago, James101 said:

    Error: Call to undefined method IPS\Dispatcher\Admin::checkAccess() (0) #0 /init.php(893) : eval()'d code(62): IPS\forums\Topic\dp45guestviewlimits_hook_dp45guestViewLimitsforTopPostCor::checkSpecialPostGuestsAccess() #1 /system/Content/Content.php(411): IPS\forums\Topic\dp45guestviewlimits_hook_dp45guestViewLimitsforTopPostCor->content() #2 /system/Content/Comment.php(187): IPS\_Content->checkProfanityFilters(false) #3

    Send me PM and we'll discuss it.

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