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  1. 16 minutes ago, ASI said:
    8 hours ago, DawPi said:


    GD has 7 formats? ImageMagick does like 200 formats right

    I dont know 😛

    16 minutes ago, ASI said:

    🙂 It is an inverse relationship imo. The more of those features you have the more likely it will sell and sell even better vs a minimalist basic setup. I would buy it instantly and probably pay more too if it had more of those options (which really only brings it in line with offerings like on wordpress and so on

    I know all that. No worries. Will check your requests and think about them. 



    About This File

    With this plugin you can easily add a watermark to every uploaded image via upload form.

    FAQ - read before purchase

    • It works only for a newly uploaded images?
    • Yes.


    • It works for already uploaded images?
    • No.


    • Watermark could be applied into old images (already saved)?
    • No.


    • Would you be so kind and add new options?
    • Yes and no. It depends what it would be.


    • Watermark can be added anywhere on the image?
    • No. It would be added only to bottom right corner.


    • Watermark would be added onto thumb also?
    • Yes.


    If you have any other questions please ask BEFORE purchase.


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