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  1. Working on it. I can't really reproduce issue related to sending to those who edit own topics/posts. Can't reproduce it in any way.

    Send me PM with your exact settings and step by step instruction how to reproduce it. Thanks and sorry!


    New version of this pluginapp will be released today.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! It's great to read such posts from you guys, always. 🙂



    9 hours ago, ahc said:

    I know you said you fixed it so regular members wouldn’t get notifications when they edit their own posts, but I just purchased this today and set it up, now members are freaking out from getting notifications when they edit, hide, or lock their content thinking they did something wrong. 

    Could you send me PM with a screenshot of that notification being send?


    P.s. 2 - yes, this plugin will be ported into an application very soon.

  3. On 7/20/2021 at 8:14 PM, Daniel F said:

    Turns out this was caused by @DawPiDP45) Mod Action Notify Enabled plugin which was creating custom notifications which were associated with the core application. So once the plugin was disabled, the 3rd party notifications were still loaded because they were associated to the core application but the parse method was missing because of the disabled plugin.

    We're going to catch the error on the frontend, but this will also result in a guideline change, any future submissions which need own notification types will have to be a proper application with an own notification extension.

    So it should be ported to an application with own Notification class, right?

  4. Hello, I'm aware of problem with multiple keys. I think I may know solution for it but I'll be able to check that after my back from Holidays. I have it on todo list and once I'll back I'll handle it. 
    Sorry for any troubles! Stay safe. 

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