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  1. Or just start using my mod:

    Profile privacy options:

    • profile is open for all
    • profile is open for registered users only
    • profile is open for (approved) followers only
    • profile closed for all (except admins)


    I won't leave you. Im in this world over 12 years now  




  2. With this plugin you may increase the number of the subscribers (or any other premium group) on your board by "forcing" them to change their group (by paid system, promote system or any other) to read sent private conversations to them.

    IPS4 normally could disallow per group to use conversations system but anyone from that group can't receive any conversations. By using this modification they CAN receive conversations but to read them they must upgrade their group on your board.

    It's really helpfull on various boards.


    • enable/disable plugin
    • select affected groups - they can receive conversations but can't read them,
    • enter custom "error" text - you can enter any text encouraging them to actively participate in the forum.

    They can't read it in any way - e-mail notification has hidden text, the body od the conversation will be hidden on the board too - in notifications bar, on the messages list too etc.




  3. About This File

    With this plugin you may disallow specific member, who has less than X content items, to start private conversations. They can reply or view the messages list, but can't create them.


    • enable/disable whole plugin,
    • choose affected member groups,
    • set minimum content number to let members start new private conversations,
    • you will be able to bypass the limit and let specific members to start new conversations,
    • you will be able to force block for creating new conversations per specific members too.



  4. What's New in Version 1.0.2  

    • added ability to select watermark position: top left corner, top right corner, center of the image, bottom left corner and default bottom right corner.
    • excluded Gallery app from being touched by this plugin because it has own watermark function.
    • added condition to works only on a public side of the board. Any uploaded image in the ACP won't be watermarked (e.g. forums icons, watermark itself etc.).
    • added app selection where it should work.
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