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  1. https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/889-dp42-exif-forum-attachments/ https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/890-dp45-exif-gallery-images/
  2. I know. 😉 That mod do not touching anything related to sessions etc.
  3. For anyone interested I have something like this: https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/920-dp45-delete-ip-addresses-device-history/
  4. Will be once you'll enable it: https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/options/
  5. I've noticed it on a bunch of boards belonging to my clients, to be honest. 😉
  6. Did you recache cache in the ACP? Try it and let us know. I mean this:
  7. Use my support topic to get any info or confirmations. IPS closed MP here so we need to use our own systems to provide it. Thanks for understanding!
  8. You may look at mine mods: https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/889-dp42-exif-forum-attachments/ https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/890-dp45-exif-gallery-images/
  9. By using page like this: https://invisioncommunity.com/attachments/ Location:
  10. It's an IPS Cloud only feature - https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community/new-live-community-features-r1260/
  11. Not the same but may help also - https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/877-dp45-no-index-topics/
  12. As mentioned - no build in option, but there is mod for that, check details - https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/901-dp43-prevent-login-same-ips/
  13. You may check my mod for the licence keys, works in another way but maybe you would be interested. https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/774-dp45-single-use-license-keys/
  14. They are supported. What IPS4 version you have installed?
  15. You may try reach him on his official board - https://www.devfuse.com/forums/ Many people have been attempting it for several months, but have yet to achieve any success.
  16. Here you are - https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/918-dp45-disable-indexing/
  17. Do you have set table prefixes in the conf_global.php file? If yes then it would be easy - export only these tables as a SQL dump, import them into a new database, and update access details to that db in conf_global.php file.
  18. Or as a widget - https://zayed.solutions/file/33-topics-with-no-reply-widget/ from @A Zayed.
  19. It's "standard" fields from that table (based on core schema.json) and if the DB checker didn't find anything wrong then he must have this field in that table.
  20. Go to Support section in the ACP and tell us what saying part named Database. Any issues?
  21. I have 504 error here today Stuart. It’s any difference?
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