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Hiding "Recent Profile Visitors"

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We just had the following question from one of our members and we can't seem to find if there are any settings that members have to turn ON/OFF this feature if they want to:


I have a quick privacy query – when looking at my own profile just now, I noticed there is a "Recent Profile Visitors" section. I can see that I also show on other users' profiles as having been a recent visitor. Does this mean that anyone whose profile I have viewed will see me in this list on their own profile? If so, is there a way to disable this at all (I don't mind if it also works in reverse, i.e. the same way as LinkedIn does)? Do users whose profiles I visit get any sort of notification to say I have visited their profile? If there is a way to disable, will it remove profile views already made? I did have a quick flick through your FAQs, but couldn't find anything that mentions it.

Can someone help us understand if there are any settings that can control this ? 

For context, here's how it shows up when I click on my Profile Details Page:

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