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504 Errors - This community is temporarily unavailable

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8 hours ago, AngelsWin.com said:

Great, thank you! 

9 hours ago, Jim M said:

Coincidence in accessing when the servers were scaling to fit need 🙂 . Very rarely happens that this is visualized as it is very quick that it is unnoticeable.

Hi @Jim M I'm getting the same errors again. Can't load the website and today is a busy day with big news for the Angels, so this is quite frustrating. 

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Hi everyone, this issue is back again. Can we see about fixing this for good? I've seen this happen more recently than ever before, which is concerning. Looks like the root issue causing this has yet to be resolved. While it doesn't last terribly long (anywhere from 1-5 minutes), all it takes is one new visitor to see that and not want to come back since we're not stable. 

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4 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Your site appears to be online at present. Are you still seeing this?

No it happened last night for about 4-5 minutes then came back on. 

Any reason for the influx in the 504 errors? I haven't seen this many occurrences in a month span ever since moving over to your cloud solution a few years back. 

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3 minutes ago, Charles said:

We are not experiencing any issues that we know of on our platform right now. When you see things like this, please email support with information on what you may have been doing at the time.

Hi Charles it doesn't happen for long, sometimes just 1 minute, sometimes 3-4 minutes it's down with the same 504 errors. It happens enough for it to be a problem and I'm just asking if the root cause can be looked into. My plan currently does not have email support, I'm directed to post any issues here on the forum. 

This is happening with more regularity over the past 4-6 weeks than ever before, which is the reason I'm bringing it to your attention. 

Thank you! 

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