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Intermittent error uploading MOV files?

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Member reported running into this error some of the time when uploading to a topic.  Same file uploads a second try.

MOV is an acceptable file type at both default level and member group level.  There is no size limitation (or issue as this is a small file around 6MB) for the member group or member.

Anyone have any idea where this error comes from?



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8 minutes ago, Clover13 said:

@Marc Stridgen

Looks like it could be related to the CKEDITOR if it's the same one used by this software?  This issue was opened just a few weeks ago, same dialog popup.


Related to:  https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor4/issues/5095

Is the user copying and pasting the file into the editor? This looks to be what is being reported here.

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3 minutes ago, Clover13 said:

So use the choose file link rather than drag and drop is the solution?

As Nathan outlined, this is due to dropping the video file into the editor but the file still uploads. I have tagged this to our developers to review further.

With that said, if you drag/drop or use the choose files area, it should work as you're avoiding CKEditor.

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I believe CKEditor fixed this in their 4.18.1 version. Invision Community 4.6 uses 4.18.0. We have upgraded to 4.19 for Invision Community 4.7, so the issue should be resolved then.

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