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Word Expansion Not Deleting

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There's a weird bug with the word expansion system - when deleting a word and its expansion from the "system", it doesn't actually stop showing up in the forums as expanded, complete with the expansion. In other words, it just acts as if it was never deleted. 
@Matt or any of the other devs, please advise. 

*I didn't use the support tool because it also bugs out and randomly won't re-enable some/all the customizations - forcing us to re-enable all of them manually (we don't have all our installed customizations active, so we have to make a manual list each time of what was active and what wasn't. and it's kind of a pain...

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Are you telling me that if I "expanded" an acronym once, this expansion is there for good, regardless of whether I delete it or not? If that's what passes for "as designed", that's a pretty... um, flawed "design" 😄 wouldn't you say? Especially given the fact there is a "delete" button...image.thumb.png.b5297a4763e171c65a07a7e7c40befa3.png

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Ohhhh I see what you meant now. I looked into it and saw that in places where the expanded words are written before they were added, aren't expanded. So I'm guessing the deleted word won't get expanded anymore now that's it's deleted, but will remain with the expansion where it was "applied". Right? 

It that is the case, it is kind of half baked and I'll ask the team to reconfigure it. Hopefully they'll oblige. 

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Hypothetical: I want to add the word 'banana' and expand it to 'bananaman'

Before addition:

Posts containing the word 'banana' will display it as just a plain word

After addition:

  1. Existing posts containing the word 'banana' will continue to display it as a just a plain word
  2. Existing posts containing the word 'banana' will, when edited/saved, expand the word out
  3. New posts containing the word 'banana' will now expand the word out.

After deletion:

  1. Posts that match to number 1 above will continue to display it as a plain word
  2. Posts that match number 2 & 3 above will continue to display the expanded word
  3. New posts will no longer expand the word out.

As I said, I don't believe there is a content rebuild associated with the delete action - this would be required to go through your content and turn this:

<abbr title="bananaman">banana</abbr>

back to this:


Same applies when adding an item - a content rebuild would need to be performed to apply the new word expansion to existing content.

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