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17 hours ago, rebraf said:

It looks like @Core4D has publicly shared his site URL in another topic and still has the plugin installed. I don't believe much content is available to guests so you won't see the infinite scrolling behavior and such but you can get an idea of the layout at least: https://www.core4d.com/ipb/gallery/

Unfortunately I don't have an example online myself.

Unfortunately, even for me, infinite scrolling is still not working. 😕 

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That looks like the regular Gallery homepage to me, only with some edits. Simply removed categories from the top, got rid of the ugly author infos and added some more rows to the latest images. So of course there is no infinite scroll. Made similiar edits a couple of times too, only a few lines in the template.

The plugin from this thread works fine after some cosmetics, but I don't share the link because it's an adults only site. Oh, and not my own too.

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On 7/18/2021 at 2:48 PM, Core4D said:

Unfortunately, even for me, infinite scrolling is still not working. 😕 

If you're having trouble please feel free to send me a PM with an admin login and I'll take a look.

That said, I think Darth Vortex might be right - looking in the page source it doesn't seem like the plugin may be enabled after all which would explain why infite scrolling isn't working.

Unfortunately I don't have a sample site available online to share.

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  • 3 months later...

I tried the plugin on other community, exactly same server setting and community and infinite scrolling did not work.

I tried to find the difference between two communities and found it. 

I am using cdn from bunnynet on both communities, but only with https://universe.pictures I was using Bunny Optimizer. 

https://labrador.dog/gallery/ did not use it. When I turned bunny optimizer on, infinite scrolling started to work, you can check print screen before and link how it looks with bunny optimizer.

Before: 985354953_Vstiek.thumb.JPG.775e0c68a68e4af7665da2413261e8f3.JPG


Bunny optimizer setting: 824682120_Vstiek2.thumb.JPG.ad64fe6949f9ab9c03a59b030d53cbb7.JPG

I hope this helps.

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14 minutes ago, opentype said:

Looking at the CSS, it comes from code you have in your custom.css

.elGalleryFlexbox_cell {
height: 40vh;


I removed all of the code but it didn't make any difference unfortunately after clearing all caches.

So have re-added it as I don't know what added it in the first place.

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The overarching problem appears to be that the thumbnails are extremely small. Your thumbnails are around 240px x 160px (give or take), and so they're just too small to fill the size of the blocks. You have two general options.

  1. You can increase the size of your Gallery thumbnails. The default thumbnail sizes for Gallery are 600x600 FWIW, so you've got a pretty significant drop in size. Note that you will need to rebuild your thumbnails afterwards if you go this route. This is the solution I recommend if you want to benefit from a highly visually interesting Gallery page.
  2. You can alternatively adjust the CSS definitions to tweak the sizes of the flexbox cells. The default there is 40vh, but if you add something like this to the end of your custom.css the large gaps will disappear
    .elGalleryFlexbox_cell {
     height: 30vh;

    I do notice that all of your thumbnails are essentially the exact same size, so you're not going to see the masonry layout with this solution that is intended...you need images with different sizes if you want them to appear at different sizes, basically.


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