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How can I remove ALL warning for ALL members at once? Sql?


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Truncate * FROM core_members_warn_actions;
Truncate * FROM core_members_warn_logs;
Truncate * FROM core_members_warn_reasons;


DELETE * FROM core_members_warn_actions;
DELETE * FROM core_members_warn_logs;
DELETE * FROM core_members_warn_reasons;


P.S. Always back up your database before making any changes, regardless of how sure you are.

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20 minutes ago, Maxxius said:

@DawPi thanks , @flashpoint

Wouldn't Truncate * FROM core_members_warn_reasons; and core_members_warn_actions

simply just delete my warn reasons? I think I should leave it since I just want to clear up all the members but not my setup for future warnings.

Yes, do not do that. This is not necessary and would remove the reasons.

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