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Post Before Registering Content Viewer

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What's New in Version 1.0.1:

New features:

  • Add a module in the ModeratorCP to display the content in the front-end
  • Add a couple of moderator permission to control who can view the listing and view the content posted


  • Language name and flag will only appear from now on if your community has more than one language installed
  • Added ability to ban the IP and Email addresses in Admin CP and front-end (permisison checked)
  • Added link to the IP Address Lookup tool so admin can view everything related to the IP used to create the content



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It would be great to have some stats connected with "post before registering" option. For example: some counter or simple notification when someone decides to register and publish post. Is there any chance for such option in this addon? It is currently unknown if this option is effective.

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23 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Which stats beyond start date could I provide?

You could provide info that "Post Before Registering" was successfully finished (someone submitted content and register account to publish it).

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On 6/22/2019 at 4:05 AM, Adriano Faria said:

No, that's a IPS request to remove it. Probably they will add or allow me in IPS 5. I will request again in a major release, like IPS 5.

Why exactly do you need permission to add such a feature? It's not like this isn't already possible via the DB. :huh: Waiting for IPS5 for such a simple feature is crazy.

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1 hour ago, Cyrem said:

Why exactly do you need permission to add such a feature? It's not like this isn't already possible via the DB. :huh: Waiting for IPS5 for such a simple feature is crazy.

Well, I was asked by someone from Management team and I agreed that was better to have it as a VIEWER than simply not have it. All marketplace submissions are reviewed/tested so if there’s something that they doesn’t agree, they don’t approve it. Simple like that. 

I don’t recommend deleting content via DB because there are some caches and other stuff to update but if you’re willing to, go ahead. 👍

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12 minutes ago, AtariAge said:

Just curious why you don't display the member's name in the content viewer?

Simply because there is no name to display. It isn’t an account yet. It’s only a record on a table with email, IP address, etc. it will have a name if and when the guest creates the account. 

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That's interesting.  I only care about accounts that have been email validated, at which point I then will look the account over before approving it or deleting it (if it's an obvious spammer).  At that point it looks like the account has been created in the database, as I can certainly see the username and all the other information one would expect. 

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Sorry, AtariAge, I already replied 3 times your PM and won’t reply a bunch more here the same things over and over. 

Pay attention to the feature name: POST BEFORE REGISTERING. That clearly says that a “post” was made BEFORE registration process. So tell how can an account exists? You don’t have to answer. Just think about it.

IF and only IF the user comes back and fill the form, the account will be created. 

That’s all! Doubt? Ticket to IPS!

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I understand the feature.  But after they email validate their account, it has been created, right?  I don't care about accounts that haven't yet been created because the user has not email validated their account.  So, since you are looking at a separate table, this app will not display content for users who have email validated their account?



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No, because it’s PRETTY clear that this is a content viewer for POST BEFORE REGISTERING feature. 

Once the account is created, the record is deleted from the proper table and then a record is added on members table. 

This plugin was designed to work until the moment the user creates the content. After he creates the account, it’s not my problem anymore. 

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I understand, I was just trying to improve my workflow.  I don't touch accounts that haven't email validated yet, and I was unaware that there's a separate table with minimal information before the account is email validated.  Unfortunately, that means this particular application is not useful to me.  😞


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