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How do you remove newsletters?

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If you're talking about the newsletter signup block on some pages, you can remove it from those pages using the block manager: 

Unfortunately, the newsletter signup checkbox on the registration page cannot be removed without some form of customization.


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17 hours ago, Bitlab Media Group said:

I don't need this on my site. How can i remove that feature where it offers to join Newsletters.



The newsletter / bulk mail is one of the most amazing features you should be using.  I ignored it for the past three years because I was focused on other items, but I've seen a real and strong correlation between community activity and newsletters.  Ive been sending a monthly newsletter out since July, and I always see a spike in user activity for the next couple of days. 


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46 minutes ago, Bitlab Media Group said:

Point taken, will argue this to client.

Bulk mail, i will use, but the business model of my client (escort site) does not want this showing up.

For now, Any way to take that off the side bar where it shows up as my client is asking me to do?

It would require changes to the areas that displayed so basically removing from the templates.

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To remove the newsletter block(s)

Go to the page where you have the Newsletter Signup widget showing,

Open up the Block Manager (by using the arrow on the left side after you've logged in with an Admin account),

Then close off the Newsletter Signup block just like any other block (click the X).


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