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Julian Jenkins

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Hi I used to use invision on an old domain Fanalyse.net and that company and site is no longer with us but I have built a site on wix and would like to use invision for the community aspect. I have just renewed my subscription for 6 months, but cant remember how to do much on here. So I am currenlty stuck.

I would like to know can i intergrate with wix, if not what do I have to do to get my domain linked to invision so I can start to build out the boards etc.

I hope I am making sense as I am very confused.

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Are you cloud or self-hosted?

If you're cloud, contact IPS support to change your domain name.  

If you're self-hosted, contact your domain registrar to update your domain name.  

There really isn't any 'linking' with Wix websites besides to simply let Wix exist as your static website on the main domain  and let IPS be your community website on a subdomain or sub-folder.  You're basically letting two independent systems exist together, and you can probably customize the IPS theme to match.  

If you're willing and able to do some basic (non-html) work, then I highly recommend replacing the Wix portion of your site with IP.Pages.  Pages is one of the most powerful applications in the suite, and allows you to build a website and repository of content around your community forums and blogs.  You can write news articles, databases, and about pages.  It'll give you one look and feel for the entire website and allow your community users to login and comment, review, and rate on everything.  

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35 minutes ago, Julian Jenkins said:

So I am better just hosting it as a different url with a hosting plan and use pages ?

Not necessarily.  And I'm afraid that I'm probably making this more confusing for you,  so my first question is if you're cloud or self-hosted? 

If youre self-hosted, then you need your own hosting plan and domain registrar.  You can make your site point to something like mywebsite.com/forums.  

If you're on cloud, then you just need to send in a support ticket.  


It'll be better for the user experience if you can do everything on the Invision platform.  One login for users, one theme for users, one consistent experience for users.  But ... if you have a lot invested to Wix, then you can certainly let Wix continue to be your main site.  

For example, many IPS clients use WordPress as their main site and bridge to Invision.  

I would encourage you to send in a support ticket to IPS, where they can best advise you on how to update your domain name.  Share as much information with them about your Wix hosting.  

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The files should be located in the folder called ips_57402. Theoretically, going to http://www.lhcommunity.co.uk/ips_57402/ should produce the suite but it doesn't. Can you see whether there are any contents in that folder?

To be honest, your best bet might be to keep things simple and ask IPS's support team to install it for you: https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/support/

They're closed for Labor Day but will be back to work afterwards.

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6 hours ago, Julian Jenkins said:

I get this on the domain which is www.lhcommunity.co.uk 

I dont seem to be able to get to the admin anymore either


Thanks for your help in advance.

Did you upload the files in the root of the /www/ folder? Can you post a screenshot of the inside of that folder?

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1 hour ago, Julian Jenkins said:

I have reinstalled the original file and got to the instilation page but now it is saying there is a duplicate entery and I cant get any further Duplicate entry 'forums-forum-1' for key 'perm_type' 1062

Looks like you need to delete the database you created originally and create it again

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