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  1. ok, for some reason it has been added to the globalTemplate No idea why anyone would add it into the globalTemplate though look for <style> and delete it if you have not made any other changes to that template then click the revert button then adding the css you want to custom.css should work
  2. Need to add your css to custom.css file ... do not make changes to any of the default ips css files (otherwise will cause major issues when upgrading to a newer version)
  3. So what happened to your original download from when you installed ? If you keep them safe then you can always go back to them at later date I have still got versions downloaded from v1.1 days (never tried to use them again as likely no longer work with the new versions of php etc)
  4. Have you read the instructions ? Need to create it in google first then add code to website
  5. that is usually governed by .ipsBox but just changing border for that will change it for a lot of areas so if just wanting for the post area then in custom.css add .cPost .ipsBox { border-color: #000; } obviously change to your own requirements
  6. Have you tried viewing same with IPB default theme (asking as looks like a custom theme and so may need changing via theme author)
  7. Need to explain more or give link to try and see what you mean
  8. and then what happens if you have a few themes available for members to choose from as would appear exactly same on each theme and may not look right .... hence using css to make the changes
  9. Should be in Themes Assistance forum Has been answered a few times custom.css add: #elUserNav > li > a { color: #000; } obviously change color to your own requirements
  10. adminCP >> 'Paintbrush Icon on left' >> languages Search for the phrase(s)
  11. =========================================== Upgraded themes for 4.4.x =========================================== BlueAwards Theme for IPB 4.4.x Dragons Theme for 4.4.x FieryFlame Theme for 4.4.x FreshBlue Theme for 4.4.x FreshGreen Theme for 4.4.x FreshOrange Theme for 4.4.x LusciousGreen Theme for 4.4.x BlueStone Theme for IPB 4.4.x GreenStone Theme for 4.4.x Invasion Theme for IPB 4.4.x SkyBlueElite Theme for 4.4.x New: With some themes you have a choice of installing a theme with or without an image slider (shown on forum index page only) Demo available on website (select theme from drop down menu at bottom of page) Packages include: theme file slider_images folder (only required if using WithSlider file) .PSD file for logo and Team Icons (where applicable) Dark CKEditor theme (dark themes only) Full installations instructions included
  12. Upgrader will not do a backup, that is left to your own devices to do before upgrading Check the php version is back to how it was before you changed it Other than that ask your host if they have a recent backup and if so then ask them to replace current files with the backup
  13. But are you are allowing members/people to sign up ... if so then against the terms
  14. I assume you did not backup everything before trying the upgrade ? If you did then replace the backup and all should be back how it was
  15. If you secure as supposed to then Spam wouldn't be an issue as no one would be able to join/sign up (it is a test installation not to be used for members to access or matters like that)
  16. If referring to the forum icons then yes ... just need a template edit (problem with that is you may have to make the template edit every time there is an upgrade) No idea if any of your forums would not have any icons which if wanting to click the default icon to take you to the forum then would require more template editing
  17. steve00

    Rank Images

    Just tried my css above and seems to work for me
  18. steve00

    Rank Images

    Now that would explain it Try adding this into custom.css .cAuthorPane .cAuthorGroupIcon { max-width: 200px; } as well as the code I posted above
  19. steve00

    Rank Images

    width of the area is 200px less the padding/margin I find best size is approx 180px wide (or less) if using an image If really want to change the width of that area then in custom.css add .cAuthorPane.ipsColumn_medium { width: 250px; } obviously change width to your own requirements (remember to also allow for the padding/margin
  20. doesn't look too bad try changing the padding using custom.css e.g. #ipsLayout_header header .ipsLayout_container { padding: 15px 0 0px; } might have to change the numbers to suit your own requirements .. the above are just a guideline for you
  21. Strange as using FF for ages now and never had an issue like that (or at least do not recall it)
  22. Visiting site it looks like already centered vertically ?
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