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  1. I'm an idiot, I didn't realise the css would change the yellow icon to be white! Thanks so much for you help
  2. Nope, the thumb icon is yellow and visible once you've reacted to a post I've PMed you with an account, if you're able to take a look that would be massively helpful!
  3. Sorry, I forgot you wouldn't be able to see the reaction options unless you were logged in..! Basically where the white heart on the grey background is on these forums (bottom right of the posts), my board is displaying an empty icon that only appears once you hover over it. This must be because I removed the heart icon and replaced it with another one, however the link to the image is present in the html but for some reason it's not showing up Comparison screenshot between my forums and this one:
  4. Hello! Not sure if this is the right forum but it seemed like the best fit I've just changed some of the reactions on my forum, using transparent pngs. For some reason, the reaction icon (the default thumb on this forum) is now hidden until it's hovered (on desktop) or selected (on mobile/tablet). I've had a look at the HTML and CSS but can't see why this would happen, it looks like it's looking for the correct image, and finding it, but it's just not displaying. An example here - http://www.talkmanutd.com/topic/3079-player-ratings-man-utd-vs-west-ham/?tab=comments#comment-280151 Thanks!
  5. Awesome, thank you. I didn't notice this before and it was disabled for the admin group for some reason. Thanks again
  6. Yes that's how it used to work but that's not what I'm seeing since upgrading, all I see is "x number of people like this", there is nothing to click on to see who those people are. The only options are liking/unliking. Below are some screenshots from my board:
  7. Not sure if this belongs here or in the theme forum. I have tried looking around in the templates but haven't had much luck in finding any way to change this. In 3.x it was possible to see exactly who liked a post, however in 4.x it has been replaced to just "1 person likes this" or "x member, x member and 3 others like this". Is there any way to change this back to how it was in the previous versions? Whether it just lists every username or lets you hover/click to see them all doesn't matter too much Thanks!
  8. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here I just installed then reactivated my Pages license and uploaded the 'cms' folder to Applications on the server Now when I look at the Applications section in the ACP I just see this: Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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