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  1. Answer to that is when they increase the price on sale day claiming it was £xxx before the sale and then adding the sale discount to make it seem like a sale when in fact the price is almost same as before the sale I hate companies that do that and should be named and shamed To cap it all .... they are out of stock and have been for over a week
  2. Our 4.3.x Themes reduced to $9.99 Get them now
  3. So ... you want to delete an entire thread regardless of other peoples replies ? What if in the future someone who posted in that thread wants to reference in another topic something they added in original thread that was deleted (as you sometimes see here at ips or other sites) Hope that makes sense ?
  4. Wouldn't deleting first post throw all the other posts out as no one would know what they were replying to so could be very confusing reading posts to a topic where the first post has been deleted (unless misreading your idea) ?
  5. steve00

    65th Birthday Sale

    Only FIVE days left on this never to be repeated sale ONLY $6.50 for any of our 4.3.x Themes Don't leave it too late and miss out
  6. steve00

    65th Birthday Sale

    Only Twelve days left on this never to be repeated sale ONLY $6.50 for any of our 4.3.x Themes Don't leave it too late and miss out
  7. think you missed the post by @Nathan Explosion It clearly states 'will be used automatically for renewal invoices' .... as far as can make out IPS sent you a renewal invoice ?
  8. Yes, I am celebrating being 65 years young and am having a 4.3.x Theme sale until 25th October 2018 Now is your chance to snap up a bargain theme at only $6.50 BlueStone Theme for 4.3.x BurningSky Theme for 4.3.x Dragons Theme for 4.3.x FieryFlame Theme for 4.3.x FreshBlue Theme for 4.3.x FreshGreen Theme for 4.3.x FreshOrange Theme for 4.3.x LusciousGreen Theme for 4.3.x GreenStone Theme for 4.3.x RedBase Theme for 4.3.x SkyBlueElite Theme for 4.3.x
  9. You want a rectangular avatar ?
  10. That is how I remember from many years ago I am trying a new registrar as found a good price for two domain names for 1 year (less that £4) ... am waiting for the catch though as bound to be one
  11. Glad it is not just me then ... thought it was just me and my way of thinking (or me getting too old)
  12. Just tried purchasing and registering some new domain names and what a lot of silly messing about just to do that nowadays compared to 18 years ago I have tried 2 different registrars and the amount of form filling nowadays is really stupid I purchased domains filled out my details went to continue to shopping cart and told me invalid telephone number So I contacted the live support and am informed to fill out my profile page in my account (name, address etc etc) and then all should be ok So I did that and went back and re-done everything againto purchase domain names and again it tells me to fill out my details, yet I have already done that in my profile I contacted their support again ad they told me my profile info had not been saved so I went to my profile and lo and behold it is there So after that I just gave up Used to be a case find domain name(s), register them by entering details once and then pay ... seems like not like that nowadays ... more and more forms and info to give Think time gave all this up as before long they are going to want to know what had for dinner
  13. steve00

    Team Talk: What would you do with $1,000,000?

    oh boy, everyone at IPS would be on their holidays... no one at work .... how would we get our upgrades or get issues fixed
  14. steve00

    BlueAwards Theme

    Version 1.0.1


    A clean Blue theme for IPB 4.3.x Includes: PSD Files for logo and Member Shields Readme.txt file (includes installation instructions) Themed for the following: Forum Blog Gallery Downloads Pages Clubs Commerce Calendar Leaderboard Demo Here (select theme from theme selector at bottom of page) Terms & Conditions: To be installed on one forum only, to install on more than one then you will need to purchase theme again (contact me for discounts for purchasing more than one skin). You are not allowed to re-sell the theme or make profit directly from the theme. You do not have the right to redistribute this theme set in any way. If you wish to purchase copyright removal then please contact me for more details


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    18th Anniversary Theme Sale

    Just over 24 hours until sale ends Get your theme now before Midnight Sunday 12th August 2018 Sale now ended Thank you to all who purchased