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  1. Good of you to announce this
  2. Yep, that is basically as I stated in original post and it really gets annoying
  3. Find the logo is up to you, there is no right or wrong size (unless making image like 3000px wide then would be too large), just look at the space you have on left side and make logo slightly smaller, if want it taller then make it taller (if look at themes on my website using theme changer you will see logo's are all different sizes) Favicon size can be found using google and recommend 16px x 16px
  4. Thank you for everyone's thoughts on this Glad to know it is not just me that noticed this but it still happens The item in question did say what the price was before the sale but I can assure you it wasn't that price as I have been keeping my eye on the product for over a week (unfortunately I did not take a screenshot so have no proof other than what I see) Noticed that although out of stock of product they will be available after the sale (not only product I was looking at but at least 6 others) Defo sounds strange to me so have decided not to purchase that product and now looking for something similar elsewhere
  5. This might help http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator
  6. ... not my type of music at all ... can't win them all ... give me the 60's and 70's pop music .... can't help it if like that style (currently listening to Glitter Band ... no ... not the perv with them ... just the Glitter Band)
  7. Did not like 'Keep your hands off my power supply' ... at least you are not too young to remember those days (get funny looks off youngsters nowadays when start playing this type of music ... at least can hear every word)
  8. Answer to that is when they increase the price on sale day claiming it was £xxx before the sale and then adding the sale discount to make it seem like a sale when in fact the price is almost same as before the sale I hate companies that do that and should be named and shamed To cap it all .... they are out of stock and have been for over a week
  9. Our 4.3.x Themes reduced to $9.99 Get them now
  10. So ... you want to delete an entire thread regardless of other peoples replies ? What if in the future someone who posted in that thread wants to reference in another topic something they added in original thread that was deleted (as you sometimes see here at ips or other sites) Hope that makes sense ?
  11. Wouldn't deleting first post throw all the other posts out as no one would know what they were replying to so could be very confusing reading posts to a topic where the first post has been deleted (unless misreading your idea) ?
  12. Only FIVE days left on this never to be repeated sale ONLY $6.50 for any of our 4.3.x Themes Don't leave it too late and miss out
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