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  1. I have upgaraded and everything looks fine but for some reason I cant enter anything into the descriptions on calendar, articles etc. Does anyone have a suggestion please
  2. I am looking at ideas how I can modernise and get a forum that sits more like a Facebook group page which is what my members are asking for. How do you use your forums and what are the best practices you use. x
  3. Thats the issue non are compatable for 4.5 Thanks
  4. Does anyone have a plugin with the new version my old one isn't working and having an affect on payments etc. In real need for this any help would be great.
  5. I would have though that the new version would have the opportunity to redirect on login to a page on the site. It is surely a basic necessity ?
  6. I have just uploaded to the new version, What are the major benefits and any tips on getting the most from it. Thanks Julian x
  7. I am looking for someone to give my site a tighten and upgrade me to the latest forum version. My site is www.lhcommunity.net Would love a price to do this Thanks Julian
  8. I have done the upgrade and cant access anything now The template was customised
  9. Hi I am doing an upgrade and it has gone through but I keep getting this error and I dont know what to do and the site is down [Template core/admin/global/globalTemplate is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  10. you are right and I have done this.
  11. Can I ask what is the promote button for on the articles and videos I press it and it says in promted Items that it has been sent. But where does it go and how can I use it. Thanks in advance. Julian
  12. I think it would be great to offer a pay what you can price point for subscription x
  13. In these tough times is there an option or a plugin that can bolt onto my subsctiption that allows people to pay what they can to join I can set a guide but they could pay less or more. Is this possible. Thanks in advance.
  14. I would love a Facebook feed in the forums
  15. Has anyone had a problem with subscription when the client signs up and they make a payment but the invoice stays pending. This causes huge problems as it doesn't put them in the right member class. Really struggling Thanks in advance
  16. I have set up a subscription website and have had a number of people sign up today, but there seems to be a problem with the invoices going from pending to paid even though the related transactions are showing as paid. Because of this it is not updating their membership status. I am using paypal as my payment gateway and offer card as well as paypal. When I check in paypal it looks like the recurring payments are set up and fine. I dont understand why its not updating from pending to paid. Can anyone shed any light. Thanks
  17. Im new to this and would like to add header images to custom blocks but I dont have any HTML or CSS skills. Is there an idiots guide. Thanks
  18. It will be a one tier membership site so it is more about the delivery than permissions I would just like the course delivery like teachable type thing
  19. As part of the site I would like to finally launch I would like the ability to sell courses within the site or offer as part of the memebrship and then be able to delvier them like a course platform. Is this possible ? Thanks in advance
  20. Hi quick question is it possible to have a site landing page and also a site homepage I want non signed in members to see the landing page and signed in members to see a homepage with activity etc. I dont want signed in members see the sales based sign up page once they have purchased a membership I want them to see a members activity sext page Thanks in advance
    Great lad and a much needed plugin really helps provide an experience at the first point of call. Well done has made a massive difference to my user journey.
  21. I have created a subscription plan for my site and set up the stripe on the payments section it just spins and doesnt go anywhere. Any help greatly appreciated
  22. Having had a site before, but leaving it all to my business partner I was stuck and didnt know which way to turn. Then I posted for help and I was told Mark would be the man. It was a true blessing as Mark has built my site from the bottom up and nothing has been to much trouble. His communication has been superb his work truly amazing and a complete IPS pro. If you are looking for someone to turn to please dont look any further than Mark. You wont be disappointed. Thanks again I dont know what I would have done without him.
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