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  1. Hi I am looking to see if someone can give me a price to make some changes to my current site. I paid for a theme etc last time but I moth balled the site due to commitments, but I want to relaunch a paid members site and would love some paid support to deliver what I need. Thanks in advance
  2. It will be a one tier membership site so it is more about the delivery than permissions I would just like the course delivery like teachable type thing
  3. As part of the site I would like to finally launch I would like the ability to sell courses within the site or offer as part of the memebrship and then be able to delvier them like a course platform. Is this possible ? Thanks in advance
    Great lad and a much needed plugin really helps provide an experience at the first point of call. Well done has made a massive difference to my user journey.
  4. Having had a site before, but leaving it all to my business partner I was stuck and didnt know which way to turn. Then I posted for help and I was told Mark would be the man. It was a true blessing as Mark has built my site from the bottom up and nothing has been to much trouble. His communication has been superb his work truly amazing and a complete IPS pro. If you are looking for someone to turn to please dont look any further than Mark. You wont be disappointed. Thanks again I dont know what I would have done without him.
  5. Hi Mike,

    Please could you respond to the email I sent about the fatal error we are getting with the form software thanks.

  6. Mike,

    Please can you tell me where the completed form data lives in the forms app.

    1. Mike John

      Mike John

      The raw form logs are stored within the database tables. The front end can be viewed in the "Form Logs" area if you've enabled group permissions and form permissions for viewing logs.

  7. I am being stupid, but where does the complete form data live?
  8. Why do I as the author of the welcome pm keep getting the pm every time someone signs up
  9. Can I ask I want the pop up to appear once after 1 minute and then not appear again what would those settings look like Thanks
  10. Ok, no worries. Maybe one for the future. It certainly meets our requirements
  11. In this way can the slider run inside the body of individual text? As a block it's still an external entity. How would I set the slider code in the article so it displays in the middle? Thanks {expression="\IPS\Application::load('featuredcontent')->show(13)" raw="true"}
  12. To those thinking of using this, it's really good. We use Featured Content widget and more from onlyME to enhance our site. One support question, if ok. Is there a way to include a specific slider within the body of a Pages article? I've added it at the footer, below the single page article and potential comments, but would prefer being able to run the slider (in this case a presentation with uploaded images) in the place it's mentioned in the article. As it stands, multiple comments will force it down. Above the article wouldn't look good. You can see it here >> https://fanalyse.net/community/news/ryan_sportsmedia Can this be done with code? Thanks again. Great stuff
  13. Thank you Adriano, great addition. Thanks
  14. @pilotguy Thanks for helping out I have had the same issue and hopefully between us now @Adriano Faria can fix it. Thanks again
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