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Calendar Enhancements

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About This File

This resource will add new features to the Calendar, such as:

  • User will receive a notification about the event he has RSVPed in the event date
  • Manage RSVP Attendees
    • Add or Remove Attendees
  • Change event author
  • Swap Reviews & Comments tabs position in event view
  • Add settings to control:
    • Number of comments per page
    • Number of reviews per page
  • Add a new tab in member profile do display all events RSVPed by the member


Some features listed above already existed in other resources. They will be delisted from marketplace and all existing clients will get a copy of this.



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Feature request for this please, Adriano.

(I had approached Fosters about adapting his Page Authors plugin for Calendar. He was going to do it but has just confirmed that he's currently too busy and would be happy for someone else to implement it.)

My wish is to optionally allow certain users to create and edit their events on particular calendars even if their membership group can't. The alternative is having to create additional secondary membership groups. That would be a nightmare after a while.

User case: I have a couple of friends who run events in London. I would like them to be able to add these events to their own calendar but I don't want to create a membership group just for them. Imagine if I had ten cases like this!

What I'd prefer to do is create a new calendar and then have the option of adding users to it, so that they can use the calendar even if their membership group doesn't have permission to.

Does this seem like something you'd be happy to introduce into this resource?

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OK, understood.

I don't think you've copied your Copy Events plugin into this one, have you?

(I'm sure we've had this conversation before but it looks like the replies have been removed.)

Are you planning to fold it into Enhancements?

I see it speaks about moderators with permission to move content having copy permission. How about adjusting so that members can copy their own content too? Is that possible?

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I mean would it be possible to add an option to choose a different color for each event. Where instead of pulling the Calendar color. You would have an option to pick an event color. Currently using IPB Calendar we have to create a whole separate calendar just to make an event color change.

I am making a calendar full of Jewish Hollidays but I would like them to be color coded. I think it would be a lot simpler to just create one Calendar and change the event colors on it. Versus having to create multiple Calendars and then adding the events to one Calendar.

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