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  1. I understand. Thank you for the reply. In the future I should be able to upload the videos to my own server after getting permission from the creator of the videos. I just have finish forming a Non-Profit company to gain access to them. I will just continue using the videos they have uploaded on youtube for now.
  2. Feature request: A option to make it so parts of videos will autoplay when finished. So if I have a video with 5 parts. After Part 1 is finished Part 2 will play automatically.
  3. I noticed that but hopefully someone will come out with a plugin that solves that problem after it is released.
  4. I am hoping this re-engineering carried over to Clubs too.
  5. Another vote for Club Categories.
  6. I think the buttons on your editor need to stand out more. I guess black would blend in with the rest of the editor though. I like how you revamped the default theme with the dark mode.
  7. I know not everyone will have so many Clubs they will require categories. Still some of us would find it useful to be able to categorize our Clubs. [edit] Before someone suggest making a custom page using Pages. I would say then could we atleast have tags added to Clubs then?
  8. Would you consider adding Categories to the Clubs index? So we can seperate the Clubs? I wish this was something that was already coded into Clubs. I know not everyone would need the option but it could be useful for some of us. Some of my clubs I would categorize as "educational" and then others as "member clubs".
    I really like the default style of IPB. This theme is perfect for my site.
  9. These 3 Gallery edits I figured out on my own. 🙂 When you go add an image. The DropZone border is white. This will change it to match the skin. /* Gallery Add Image DropZone Border */ .cGallerySubmit_uploadImages .ipsAttachment_dropZone:not( .ipsDragging ) { border-color: #121418; } When you go to add an Gallery image. The background is white. This will change the color to match the skin. /* Gallery Image Submit Background */ #elGallerySubmit_imageUploader .ipsAttachment_fileList .ipsImageAttach { background-color: #121418; border: 5px solid; border-color: #121418; }
  10. I am trying to figure out how to get the commenting area black when using the Pages CMS with this theme. This happens with the commenting section under an article. I tried adding: .ipsTabs_panel { background: #000; } but that did not work. [edited] Here it the code to fix this issue. /* Pages Comment Background for Articles */ .ipsWidget.ipsWidget_horizontal .ipsTabs_panel { background: #121418; }
  11. I also had this plugin when it was a one time purchase. I can still download this version but it seems to be no longer supported. I see there is a new version. Can I be added to the new one?
  12. This looks like it will work for you.
  13. I would like to be pm'ed with details about this also please.
  14. I see what you mean now. I assumed they were using pages somehow to organize their blog post using tags on a custom page.
  15. I would like this functionality too. I think this can be done using Pages though. Like how it is being done on the IPS News page using blogs. https://invisioncommunity.com/news How to replicate something like this? I don't know at the moment. Maybe I will try to hire someone to make a custom blog page for me.
  16. Does this only work with your blocks and not system blocks? With this work with other 3rd party blocks?
  17. Oh, sorry about my misunderstanding. Next to the Calendar name would be great.
  18. I mean would it be possible to add an option to choose a different color for each event. Where instead of pulling the Calendar color. You would have an option to pick an event color. Currently using IPB Calendar we have to create a whole separate calendar just to make an event color change. I am making a calendar full of Jewish Hollidays but I would like them to be color coded. I think it would be a lot simpler to just create one Calendar and change the event colors on it. Versus having to create multiple Calendars and then adding the events to one Calendar.
  19. Would it be possible to add the option to choose different colors for each event? That way people can color code events on their Calendar without having to make multiple Calendars.
  20. Thank you for the help! I see what I am allowed to change in my settings. I may have to contact support at my host. I really do like all of your plugins. [edit] Everything is working perfectly now.
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