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What Do You Give Paid Subscribers?

Bill Edwards

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We have always had paid subscribers to our site to assist with our finances. There hasn't been any advantage to subscribing, we've always relied on members just doing the right thing.

I would like to give subscribers more and wondered what other sites give subscribers as incentives?

I know I can restrict parts of the site to "paid only", but I'm nervous because those who haven't paid anything HAVE submitted content for these areas and it seems a little unfair to now exclude them from the content they helped create.

What do you give your supporters?

Many thanks


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I give them access to some extra apps. In my case thats Bookmarks, Ignore Topics and Profile Icon. It is nothing major and hardly worth it to subscribe just for this, but I give it more as a thank you to the people that support the community. They also have special group badges.

I would never restrict forum access for regular members, in general hiding content is a bad idea. 

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I use a special donator group that includes the following benefits:

  • Ability to upload image files directly to the site for use in posts (as I don't allow regular members to upload files outside of their avatars)
  • More space for their avatar & display picture.
  • Less flood control
  • More PM storage, and ability to send PM's even if a recipient has a max inbox.
  • More PM Invitations
  • Much longer time limitation on editing posts.
  • A bigger signature (650x150) vs 400x125 for members.
  • URL's in signatures.
  • More lines in the signature.
  • No ads at all when logged in. Regular users have some. Guest viewers have all.
  • I also have a special donator sub-forum, although it's not particularly active as my site doesn't have a huge amount of donators.
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Like Mack_au above I use a Donation structure with extra privileges. I pondered going mandatory subscription with my Board back in the heyday of traditional Boards/Discussion Forums (early to mid 2000's), before the social media giants took hold. I ultimately decided on a Donation structure with a minimum Donation in order to be placed in the "Contributing Member Group". That minimum amount is generally what a print magazine subscription would be. The good thing about this structure is that the actual Donation amount Members provide varies from that minimum to a whole lot more from Members who can afford it and appreciate the Board. The Contributing Member Group has extra privileges, with the main one being the ability to upload images directly to posts. I've given each 100mbs of space and they can manage their uploads themselves. They also have unlimited editing of posts, ability to post ads in a a classified "Swap & Trade" Forum, and generally more flexibility and functionality throughout the Board. The "Members" Group still has a load of features at their disposal to keep them engaged and active. I believe that although the percentage of overall Members who donate on a yearly basis is much smaller than Members who choose not to donate, I still monetize with the Donation structure as much if not more than I would with a mandatory set-amount subscription.

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2 hours ago, Pyrotechnic said:

Can I ask what you all call your subscribing members. I call them just that, Subscribing Members, but feel as though they should be called something better. I have seen some forums call them "Power Users"


Here is a list.

VIP Members
You can also use mineral distinctions:  bronze user, silver user, gold user & platinum user.

Cheerleader, ok no. Not cheerleader ?

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