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  1. Yes, I am getting same issue here and I must admit I don't like it. I like picking up where I left off and don't want to keep logging in. Only started happening tonight since upgrade 😞 Im actually also having trouble logging in with it either ignoring my 2FA or saying its the wrong answer 😞
  2. Im guessing it could be a while as it's been over a week now.
  3. Thats good news, I will look forward to it. At least I can then reward my subscribers with an achievement 🙂
  4. Thanks for the reply, glad it's still just not me then.
  5. I was hoping the recent update fixed this, but sadly not. Still not working for me. Anyone had similar issues ? More importantly, know how to fix?
  6. Sorry to hear that @HDiddy. Obviously serious, but hopefully recoverable and no one hurt.
  7. Did you get a response from logging a ticket on this. Ive just come back to it and its still not working. 😞
  8. I feel a little better that you are having issues, in a good way of course, which means perhaps its not just me. Ive tried several ways, but they simply do not work 😞
  9. Anyone had similar issues, or if anyone has set it up, perhaps a screen shot to see if its just me. Any help appreciated.
  10. Yes, I have had several members purchase the yearly subscription, but none have received the points or the badge?
  11. I am trying to reward anyone who takes out a yearly subscription from my forum with some points and a badge. However, I have added the rule which doesn't appear to be working. Can anyone assist please. Not sure if I am missing something? I have tried without the "Active" part but neither adds points or awards the badge.
  12. Hi Mark Apologies for the late reply. Yes, everything carried over as I hoped it would, including the grace period and renewals continued as required. In fact its become a little more easier now. I have no issues and its been over 6 months now. Go for it 😉
  13. I apologise in advance for this one. I am sure I have seen a setting somewhere where I can set a number of posts that will need to be made in order for a member to use the PM system. I have had a few members join lately with the sole intention of targeting certain members of my forum by PM. By introducing a number of posts that need to be made, thus contributing and then allowing the PM system to be used, would be helpful and may minimise the issue. It would also save me adding another member group and restricting the PMs to zero. As I say, I am sure I have not dreamt it, but have seen this option, somewhere ? Any help, appreciated.
  14. Just for the record, I took the plunge and everything looks like its gone OK. 🙂
  15. For many years I have had two paid subscription options within my community using the "Store" method as two individual products. I do not sell anything else other than the two subscriptions, so it makes sense and would be easier to use the "Subscription Plans" set up to continue with this. I see there is an option within my products area to convert my two products into subscriptions, but I am very nervous about doing so in case it causes issues. Can anyone offer advice based on completing this task themselves? Is it straight forward? Did you encounter any issues? Any help would be appreciated.
  16. I must admit I suffer from this. I have a subscription section which has topics visible but find that new members circumvent the subscription by PMing the members within the group. Most realise that they have done this and tell them to subscribe, others do not realise and then divulge the info within the subscription part of the forum. As simple, "disable PM until x posts" would be really useful.
  17. I use Invision Cloud for my forum and since the update, my online users has tripled. Its been constant for 2 years and the tripling have only happened since the upgrade. Anyone know what I should do. 20 users and 40 guests is not good.
  18. I too am full of gratitude. The team respond and always sort any issues I have out quickly. One reason continue to be here. 🙂
  19. Hi @Joel R. I have created 2 tests and they look like what I want. Will the move create 2 new ones or move them into the 2 tests I have created ?
  20. Thanks for the reply Tom. The subscriptions are simply to allow access to "Subscription Only" sections of the forums and give special privileges, but other than that, nothing special. Thanks Joel. I think the Subscriptions is far simpler for my members. Its the "easier on the user" element I am after to be honest. A simple subscribe with renew and cancel is all I am after. I presume conversion to "Plans" is straight forward ?
  21. I currently have 2 subscription plans on my forum which are a "Yearly Subscription" and a "Lifetime Subscription" with 550 subscribers and 46 respectively. They have both been created using the Store and each one set up as a purchasable product. They were created before the specific subscription plans were built into IPS. My question is, the option to covert these into subscription plans exists within the forum itself and I wanted to know if its worth it and what I will lose and gain by doing so. Alternatively is it worth setting up the Subscription Plans along side the product type of subscription so all new subscribers can use the new system. Any advice, much appreciated.
  22. Yes, tried that but with no luck. I was hoping it would fix it ?
  23. I submitted a ticket and was informed the next update would fix the issue. Unfortunately the update has not resolved the issue. Do you suggest I submit another ?
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