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Submitting Often Fails on 4.1.16


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In submitting a post (even here - at the comment linked to at the bottom) it takes a few tries.

Often what I'm seeing is this.

  • I load up a page.
  • I decide to respond, either by quoting or just by typing a fresh response.
  • I hit submit. The button dims, briefly, then undims. Nothing changes. I can hit "Submit" multiple times and the same thing happens.
  • I reload the page. I paste in the same response. I hit submit, and it works.

This reload-to-submit thing has even happened here at IPS:

I had to reload to submit that comment.

Has anyone else seen this, and what can be done about it?

I'm using the latest released version of Safari on the latest released version of macOS Sierra. This has not failed prior to 4.1.16, but has failed many, many times immediately after upgrading to 4.1.16.


Addendum: @Ryan Ashbrook just posted that they're looking into this.

And I'll reload this page to post this comment… ;-)

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