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  1. How can I set up a thread where only the OP can continue to update the thread with new posts? I can only think of making a new forum and give that person a specific group designation that have posting rights but denying it to the rest. Is there a way to do that for just one topic for one specific person in an otherwise "everyone can post" forum?
  2. This was the reply I got from my ticket prior to my closing the ticket. I have left out the name of the support staff because I don't want to put him "on the spot": "Yes, I personally agree but we in Support are not on the development team, so please post this in our suggestions forum as my colleague noted, where others can add their support to the suggested change." Well it sure seems I am unable to get people to "add their support to the suggested change". I suppose that's because most people will just ban the user without giving them a chance. However, it just seems like a OBVIOUS thing to do. If you need to moderate a user's content before it posts then there should LOGICALLY be no reason to let them circumvent by altering a past approved post. Could anyone at Invision please just see this as a logical step and decide that it's the best thing to do?
  3. I have previously posted about this as a ticket in the client area. The support guys agreed with what I said but said they are not part of the dev team and that it was best to post it here to garner more support to have this changed.
  4. For a few years now all our regulars are accustomed to an "Unlimited" edit-time-limit on their posts. We have recently discovered that accounts flagged with "Moderate Content" can still edit all their old posts to whatever they want as a way to bypass the rule. Hence we changed the edit time limit to 1440 minutes for most everyone (in our case we call them (their group) "Full Members"). However, now there's an uproar. Apparently there is no way for moderators (not admin) to change the GROUP a user is in. This would have been a way to have a different edit time limit for those who are in "Moderate Content" status. Can you consider making people who are in "Moderate Content" status automatically not have the ability to edit their past posts? This seems like a logical thing to do (in 100% of all cases in any forum) since anyone who is in this status aren't trusted with whatever content they are trying to post (including editing/changing a past post to circumvent).
  5. My board (IPS Cloud) had the same problem and they had to restore from a backup snapshot so we lost 18.5 hours worth of data. So far it hasn't happened again. I am guessing they migrated us from Dreamhost to Amazon and that's what caused it. Obviously Amazon is better than Dreamhost for the long term but something probably just went wrong with the migration process. I must stress that what I just said is just pure speculation on my part.
  6. Do I have to worry about this? Will users still be able to sign into my forum using Facebook? I am using the Cloud package from IPS and updated to the latest version. [forum name] has now been upgraded to Graph API v2.2. Graph API v2.1 reached the end of the 2-year deprecation window on 31 October, 2016. If you've already upgraded your code to call API v2.2, your app shouldn't be affected by these changes. To make sure your app isn't impacted by API version upgrades in the future, use the new Version Upgrade Tool to understand your app's API calls and stay current with the latest version. You can also visit the changelog to see the full list of changes in all Graph API versions. You can ask questions and give feedback in the Facebook Developer Community group.
  7. Super awesome! The moderator team at forum.electricunicycle.org will be stoked! Thanks for listening to our inputs. You guys are the best!
  8. In case anyone is wondering, we make new member's posts require approval. Once they submit a post that we "approve" they automatically get promoted to a regular member which do not require future approval. The reason we don't want to delete is for transparency for all moderators to see what it was that was "denied".
  9. When "Require approval before content shows?" is set to YES and when they post the moderators are given only two options: "APPROVE" and "DELETE". Can we add a "HIDE" option also? One may argue "why not just don't click either of them so it remains hidden?", but then there would be an icon in the sub-forum list indicating something hasn't been taken care of.
  10. FYI I upgraded to about 20 hours ago. So far no more complaints by members.
  11. I just upgraded to from 4.1.16 without a hitch. Now will see if my members still complain. I'll report back.
  12. My forum is reporting this as well. Please fix soon.
  13. Is there any way to remove the "Contact Us" link entirely?
  14. Your first two sentences slightly confused me. Just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding it, is the red rectangle area in the image something that is not yet available until 4.1.16? Because I couldn't find that in my ACP. But I'm still on
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