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It's excellent that the option to override the database template was reintroduced for database categories in Pages. However, there are times where ordering also needs to be varied depending on categories, and instances where the name for a record might better be displayed as something else. Here's a user case:

One of my databases allows people to play and upload pronunciation recordings to help with language-learning. Although that's the primary use of the database, there's a secondary function by which they can request that somebody record and upload a word for them. Here's how it looks as a category index:


The name for a record used within the database is pronunciation recording. In the case of 1, though, I'd like to override that with something more appropriate such as request or pronunciation request.

1 and 2 also need to be ordered differently. The records in 2 are displayed in alphabetical order:


But alphabetical order is no good to me in 1, which will have the newest records and comments at the top. As things stand I'll have to have a separate database for 1, which I'd like to avoid doing. The same is true for my other databases where ordering is different depending on category.

I know that @Lyonharted also requires the ability to override the language name, and when I discussed the ordering override with @Marcher Technologies, he told me he'd need it for his own site too. Yes, he has the ability to write a mod and even put it on the marketplace, but shouldn't this really be a complement of template overrides and come as in-built functionality?

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