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  1. https://ckeditor.com/letters/ ckeditor released their own real-time collaboration system for their rich text editor, similar in capability to Google Docs or Office 365. I can imagine this being extremely useful. Does IPS intend on utilizing this to add real-time collaboration?
  2. Yeah, Saved Actions is what I mean. It would be useful if those were usable for all IPS apps.
  3. I'm aware you can give those permissions normally, but it was nice to have stock options. When you review thousands of applications, it saves time to click "Accept" instead of clicking "Move" then scrolling to the right forum, etc.
  4. Right now, you can create specific actions for the Forums app. For example, we used to have applications to our gaming server on the Forums, and when our Application Moderators would review them, they had little buttons (alongside the stock Lock, Move, etc) such as Accept, Deny, Pending, which would move to the relevant forum and whatnot automatically, with one click of a button. We recently moved to using a Database, because of the form features. However, we can no longer use those automatic actions. We review many applications on a regular basis, so saving time with those actions was a huge help. Please consider adding features such as those actions to other apps (ie Pages, Gallery, etc – they should be universal! Why aren't they?). Otherwise, does anyone have any ideas as to how to replace that functionality?
    Good plugin and the dev is very helpful. I asked how I could achieve a certain style and he responded within a day.
  5. Yeah, I'm unable to download it. It worked fine and I liked the plugin. Is there any way I could get a copy?
  6. Why was this removed? Can those of us who paid get a refund if so? @AndyF
  7. Is there any way to retroactively fix this? So I installed this plugin but I need to fix it for past users. Can I run something in mysql to enable these for previously registered users?
  8. Protip: if you're using Google Chrome, right-click something and then select Inspect. ie: That'll open up a side-panel, give you tooltips etc so you can find the css class, span, or anything you need. You can do this to anything anywhere. So next time you get a notification, right-click it the part you want, ie the text, and click Inspect.
  9. I don't have any logs, but yeah, as alexxis and my testimonies show, for some reason this is causing an error that totally locks people out of their websites. Edit: Got this pastebin. http://pastebin.com/WjZFPGVK Do you think it's because of our theme or one of the Jump To plugin's methods? Could be IPS changed it and that's affecting it in a bad way.
  10. You know how, like, if your site is experiencing too much activity, you get the white page that says "This site is offline"? That happened. My systems admin disabled every plugin from the FTP and re-enabled the one by one. It worked until Jump To was enabled. I'm not sure why such a minor plugin would have such a big effect, but it did...
  11. With the latest update, this breaks. ^^
  12. You'd put it in your custom css file, and then make a span the same way this tutorial outlines. So you'd do this to set up a class, and then you'd need to put the custom css in. So you'd do this with the custom css above. For example: .group-name { text-shadow: 0 0 2.5px #3cd7fa,0 0 2.5px #3cd7fa; }
  13. Ahh. Can we get an ETA on this, IPS staff? It's almost the 2nd half of this year.
  14. Just yesterday, my systems admin and I were discussing how silly it is that XenForo has 2FA but IPS does not. 2FA is core functionality and in this day and age, it is VITAL for any software or medium which can be abused. So I get home today, and find that hundreds of my forum's most important posts were deleted because someone got into a moderator's account by bruteforcing his password. The guy had a very short password, that's totally our fault, but the script kiddie in question is infamous in my part of the internet. To "get Priceflashed" is a normal occurence (the 'hacker' is named Priceflash). If 2FA existed on IPS, this could not have happened. Now I've got to wonder whether half our content is going to be gone forever, and try to scramble to find any means to restore it, be that via IPS, our host (OVH), etc. It's absolutely ludicrous that a 10+ year old product does not yet have 2FA. Also, I've been told 2FA exists on the Enterprise platform? So, are self-hosted and cloud users not as important as Enterprise users? It'd really seem like it at this point, when their security and features are prioritized.
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