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Christmas Lights

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This is the support thread for the Christmas Lights IPS4 plugin.


The Smashable Christmas Lights plugin adds a ridiculous, festive touch to any IPS4 website with a string of breakable, twinkling Christmas Lights.


  1. A string of HTML5-implemented Christmas Lights which will slowly blink on and off randomly.
  2. Mousing over a light breaks the light and plays a glass breaking sound! Reloading the page restores the bulbs to like-new condition so you can have another go at them.
  3. Settings provided include:
    1. Toggle lights on and off without uninstalling the plugin.
    2. Adjustable in size from 32 to 100 pixels.
    3. Auto padding is provided to prevent lights from overlapping key IPS navigation elements. This can be toggled off if desired.
    4. Volume adjust for glass breaking sound, can be turned off completely
    5. Experimental, unsupported support for mobile devices (no sound, may overlap navigation)

Enjoy what is perhaps the most useless plugin ever developed for IPS4! :D

Original BSD-licensed code for xmas lights provided by Scott Schiller (2007).

WARNING: Will slow down browsers considerably. No attempt has been or will be made at optimization. What you see is what you get, take it or leave it. As the JavaScript implementing this functionality is quite old (2007) and slows down even modern browsers considerably, only critical IPS-breaking issues will be fixed.

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For some reason this plugin is breaking my GoogleFont header.

When disabled it properly renders my header with the Neucha font, but once I enable the plugin it changed my header into Comic Sans for some reason. o.O

Also it's adding a horizon scroll bar for the page as the lights appear to be a little bit more than the window width.

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Thanks for the info. I don't know exactly how it is breaking Google Fonts, but the JS pre-dates Google Fonts so it's very likely there's an incompatibility. Nothing I can do about that.

Interesting about the horizontal scroll bar. On my window the lights are a bit less than the window width, so the last little bit doesn't show any bulbs. I've found that if I resize the window after it is loaded I'll get the horizontal scroll bar, but if I reload after resizing the horizontal scrollbar goes away. In other words, I can't reproduce your problem on the vanilla skin. Can you test if you get that problem with the vanilla IPS skin?

Hopefully neither of these bugs are mission critical for you, as I have no intention of fixing the actual JS as I mentioned in the file download. (In other words, the bug's not mine.) I'll only fix anything that is a critical IPS failure, like the plugin not installing or a serious incompatibility with the vanilla skin. Sorry about that...it's a novelty plugin I put together for fun, nothing I can support full-time.

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Hi again @broni same questions as I asked you in the other thread. On my test forum it works fine in 4.2.6.

  • What theme?
  • What browser?
  • What settings in the plugin panel?
  • Screenshot



3 minutes ago, superj707 said:

Will there be an option for users to turn it off just for their own account?

The best option is to use the ACP to copy your site's default theme, then go to the xmas lights settings panel and ensure the theme is disabled for that copy:

Then, users can switch to the theme that has the lights disabled.

Hope this helps!

MWSnap 2017-12-02, 13_27_16.png

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OK, found a compat issue with the 4.2 themes, same as with the Snow plugin. 1.1.1 uploaded to work around this issue.

You may have to flush your theme cache in the Support section of the ACP to regenerate your site's themes after uploading v1.1.1.


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