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  1. This really needs Korean added my community is getting slammed. I'll pay to have it bumped up the todo list.
    My community was getting hammered hard by a Chinese spam bot. I was getting tired of cleaning up after it every couple of hours. So I turned to this application, this seems to have taken care of the problem.
  2. I would like to request an additional option of "Flag as spammer" as I would like it to ban and delete all content.
  3. I tested with chrome and edge seems to work just fine. I had it in the body but it kept making the board index longer.....So i just switched it back to the header and working great. Thanks for this one.
  4. I'm have a problem with members being able to see the ticket icon at the top. It seems only admin group can see the icon I think I selected all groups under the applications permissions.. I feel like I'm missing something obvious I just upgraded to 4.1 so still trying to find everything so I could have easily over looked something.
  5. I was just trying to implement the same thing saved me time. I was also looking at adding snow.
  6. Any plans to upgrade this for 4.0?
  7. Ok so I am trying to add the default ad sections here is what i believe to be the location keys. Default Location Keys Global Header: ad_code_global_header Global Footer: ad_code_global_footer Board Index: Header: ad_code_board_index_header Board Index: Footer: ad_code_board_index_footer Board Index: Sidebar: ad_code_board_sidebar Forum View: Header: ad_code_forum_view_header Forum View: Footer: ad_code_forum_view_footer Forum View: After first topic: ad_code_forum_view_topic_code Topic View: Header: ad_code_topic_view_header Topic View: Footer: ad_code_topic_view_footer Topic
  8. Ok so I bought this how do I add the default Ad spots in the template list? I want to use this to replace Nexus ad code integration...but Global header, Global footer, After first topic and after first post. Seem to be missing from the list when adding a new template. How would I go about adding these?
  9. Well I updated curl to the newest version and the transaction gets approved. It just wont let me complete the transaction on the user end
  10. I am having issues on step to confirm and pay. Once I scan the QR code and send the payment. I get the emails that tell me a new transaction has happened and that is pending then I get the one that the transaction is approved. But I cant click the confirm my order button at any point and I have to manually approve the transaction and it just sits pending until i approve it.
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