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  1. Can this be a default setting or do i need to set this everytime when i create a group? @Adriano Faria thanks for the tip! 🙂
  2. Hello, We like to introduce clubs to our forum. But we notes some difficulties by making it exactly right for our community. first we like to put it on the front page, to make it more visible for the customer. There is a lovely plugin to do this: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8924-clubs-card-on-forums-index/ Now second we like to see a “add topic” button on the main page of a club. This makes it easier/motivate for people to start a topic. Would this be hard to make? (Custom job) Third we want to be able to force all clubs to be public or open. (Prevent close & private) Is there any setting, plugin already doing this? Otherwise would it be hard to make? (Custom job) Thanks.
  3. Hi, i would like to know if it’s posible to let guests reply on posts, after hitting the submit button they need to registrars first. now you can only allow reply with our a account or read only + registration button on the bottom of the page. Dont know if this is possible but please let me know :)
  4. There is a robots.txt on the marketplace and it works pretty nice! ?
  5. HCICT

    Who Was Online

    This would be nice if there was a option to change it in this mode! ? maybe idea for a update @Pete T?
  6. HCICT

    Who Was Online

    Can there be a html class fix. At the moment i don't have any padding around the member list. When i see the classes I see differences between the default and your plugin. From: <div class="ipsWidget_inner "> To: <div class="ipsWidget_inner ipsPad"> Update: i think the problem exists because of this code: {{if $orientation == 'vertical'}}ipsPad{{endif}} On my Mac book pro this does not work.
  7. Yea true. Manually is a horrible way to convert. Especially if you like to convert a number of forums ?
  8. Ow maybe it was that! I know for sure I transfer all topics from a forum to a club. Wasn’t there a admin cp option to mass move all topics? Or is it really that I need to select all topics and move?
  9. @Pete T thnx. But it was a default option...
  10. Hi all, I thought there was in a earlier version a option to convert forums to clubs. But i can't find this option anymore? Does anyone know where to do this? thnx
  11. Is it possible to have 3 clubs in a row? so that the cards will get smaller? for the main board i think the club cards a bit to big. so with 3 items in 1 row it will look better i guess. I like to hear from you. thnx! PS: if not. is the setting "Number of club cards to display" array the items under it?
  12. Ik heb vandaag de nieuwste taal pakket geïnstalleerd na de laatste update. Nu constateer ik dat er nog wat problemen zijn bij mobiel weergaven. Update: - 12:04 - 23:09 key: f_hours_short Nieuwe waarde: {# [1:u][?:u]} key: f_minutes_short Nieuwe waarde: {# [1:min][?:min]} key: f_days_short Nieuwe waarde: {# [1:d][?:d]} Key: f_years_short Nieuwe waarde: {# [1:j][?:j]}
  13. Really? Never know that
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