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  1. I can't find a way to auto-use a picture from the post as the share image when sharing the link in discord, facebook, twitter, etc. Setting the default share icon, makes it so it uses it 100% of the time... Not setting it, makes it so no picture is used at all. Any help?
  2. Yeah the users of my forum have also been complaining as such. It doesn't warn you that you've hit your daily limit and it acts like they're leaving a like anyhows, but turns out it's not being processed and they don't even know it. Would be great to have it inform the user they can't give out any more likes/reactions for the day as they've hit their limit.
  3. Finally! Been waiting for promotions to have these sort of settings ever since I made the switch back to IPS in like 2012. Being able to promote/demote users based on last time they posted, or if the won the leaderboard, etc.. is a nice addition.
  4. Well it's been up for renewal again (like the 3rd time, haven't kept count, since originally purchasing), but I haven't renewed yet because afaik none of the services I can utilize have available gateways to utilize them through the app despite being requested more than a year ago and I'm still having quite a few issues / possible bugs that I'd like to have sorted. Pending/unapproved donations still seem to be added to the total donated amount on the goals which leads people to believe it's been met when it hasn't, and deleting a pending donation doesn't remove the amount from the goal (I have to click edit on the goal then submit for it to reset back to what has been approved after deleting the unapproved donations). Randomly when adding donations via admin cp, I'm occasionally sent to a blank white page instead of it loading the proper page... and since no gateways have been made I've had to configure this app as an offline donation mode with details to PM me so I can direct users where to go to send donations via their own accounts on the services we utilize and then manually deal with adding the donations to the app myself. I also have to delete the unapproved donations and manually add them, because if I just click the "approve" on the ones sent through, the app seems to often fail at actually promoting users to the donator group. If you click on a goal on the donation page, it should take you to a page with the goal and donations made on that goal, but instead it spits out an error saying the page doesn't exist. It just doesn't seem worth it to continue forking over ~$40 for renewals when I've already invested like ~$120 towards it and I'm manually having to do everything and work around issues. I just can't justify spending funds on an app meant to automate a process that I'm still being required to manually do. Literally the only thing this has been useful for without gateways to the other services has been to simply list users donated amounts. I'd still like to see gateways for Stripe (credit/debit/prepaid cards & Bitcoins) and GoogleWallet. If it's possible to add these gateways and fix the bugs I'm having, I'll gladly renew, but otherwise I think I'll have to look elsewhere unfortunately. I hope this post isn't seen negatively, as I am greatful for the services you have provided and in most cases you have been excellent in response times and bug fixes on the various addons I've used from you in the past, I just feel like this particular app still hasn't had the kinks worked out to the level it had back on the excellent IPS 3.4.x edition several years back (though back then I wasn't banned from paypal either ).
  5. Koby


    Also, should add this (or something similar to the same effect) to the post styling: <div style="clear: both;"></div> Before the line that says replies, views , and add reply. Reason? If you float / right or left align stuff like images, then they overlap that line. Example: The clear: both; line would stop this from being an issue and that 0 replies, 13 views, add reply and the line above it would remain at the bottom.
  6. "Sort of" isn't the same as definitely. =P But the main thing is that this option is checked by default on the registration page and some users are likely to miss it and claim they never opted into it. So in that sense, it's best to have it unchecked by default and let them check it if they wish to opt in rather than assuming everyone registering will want to be opt-in by default. This can be solved by editing: applications/core/modules/front/system/register.php from $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Checkbox( 'reg_admin_mails', TRUE, FALSE ) ); to $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Checkbox( 'reg_admin_mails', FALSE, FALSE ) ); The other issue is that in their profile settings later on when they click to disable or enable the send emails option, they should get a new opt-in email, but that button doesn't trigger an email on their settings page later. So if they didn't opt in during sign-up, they never have to click a confirm button via email to be planted in the mailing list. We also edited ./system/Member/Member.php from: './system/Member/Member.php' -> function setDefaultValues() -> $this->allow_admin_mails = 1; to: './system/Member/Member.php' -> function setDefaultValues() -> $this->allow_admin_mails = 0; The 'default value is to automatically opt users in without them checking the box or sending any confirmation. We modified this file to 0 and then run the query: UPDATE `core_members` SET `allow_admin_mails`=b'0' WHERE `allow_admin_mails`=b'1'; So that users were no longer opted in to something they never opted into or didn't realize it was being done. Then we made a forum announcement letting everyone know they'd have to manually re-enable it if they wished to receive any future admin emails from us. To be true DOI by SORB standards, they must manually select opt-in on site, get emailed at that time a confirmation link, and then opt-in. Otherwise, spamtraps will flag it as not DOI as it did in this instance and get your server flagged and listed as spam which then has server providers on your heels. Unfortunately I'm unsure how to go about making the button on that page (https://invisionpower.com/notifications/options/) somehow send a new email for opt-in when changed to checked. I think it's better to implement safe-guards such as true DOI, to prevent such issues from arising. On top of this, the system should have some sort of queue for sending emails. Like instead of sending all 50,000 emails nearly instantly; make a queue and send out a few hundred per hour (or some reasonable amount) till it's done. If a board has a couple million users, that could easily become a problem if it sends millions of emails to the same email provider in less than a 30 minute span.
  7. I sent a bulk email from my admin cp, and shortly after my server provider emailed me an abuse report listing for SORBS. As it turns out, the mailing list apparently doesn't have a double opt-in (where the user has to click a link in an email they get to verify they want to opt-in for emails before they start getting them) and as such gets referred as spam by SORBs. Is this something that will be added in a future IPS release? Because not being able to send mail can really put a damper on a community forum.... and apparently DOI is now a requirement that must exist in order to send mail without being flagged as spam or abuse.
  8. Koby


    After some time, it seemed to magically sort itself out and started displaying the correct ones. I didn't change any other settings, so it was strange.
  9. Koby


    Still can't update the portal app. It tells me: 1C133/9 The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it. Managed to update it by uninstalling it, then manually deleting applications/portal folder and then installing fresh. Not an ideal way to upgrade, but at least it worked. Thanks for keeping the Portal app going for free. UPDATE: Topic sorting doesn't work. If I click to sort by topic start date, it's showing a topic from a month ago being the latest, when there is tons of new topics. If I unclick that so it'll sort by last post, again it shows out of order, the first being a topic that hasn't been responded to in a week. Any fix for this?
  10. Koby


    Swapping what out? I don't understand what you want me to do with that code in the box.
  11. Koby


    According to php.net, Phar comes built into PHP since 5.3.0 so there would be no way that it isn't already installed. http://php.net/manual/en/phar.installation.php
  12. Is there any way to disable email notifications for specific boards on the forum? Looking into mail logs a lot of emails are being rejected from AOL and some other providers as containing 'spam' due to the content of the email based on the section of the forum it's coming from. I don't want to have to shut off all email notifications of threads subscribed to, so I'd like to be able to turn off the option for select boards that are most likely to trigger such a flag.
  13. Koby


    1. 1C133/9 2. Not sure what this is, but I'm on a dedi, so I can install it if you point me to it. 3. yes. I opened a support ticket with IPS and they told me it's something I'd need to refer to you. -_-
  14. Koby


    Getting this error here too: The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it. and the chmod of the application folder is 777 as well as all subdirectories... so that isn't the issue.
  15. The new update won't upload. I get this error: The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it.
  16. Still hoping Stripe gateway can be done soon since it's now become the main option my community utilizes for donations and having to do it outside of this app and then manually add the donation to it is becoming a pain.
  17. Thanks, but I really hope this is something that would eventually be added to the suite instead of requiring me to always edit a core file after every update just to add my sites IRC channel into the top navigation menu.
  18. Yeah, that's nice if I wanted all embeds to be centered, but I'm looking for the option to do so via editor on a case by case basis depending on what the poster wants to do with it. I feel it should be something the editor is capable of as it does so with images (being able to left align, center, right align, or even float left or right).
  19. I can't seem to figure out how to center youtube embeds, or perhaps even align (float them) next to a paragraph. It simply embeds it and it's stuck in that place. Which on bigger screens leaves a lot of gap to the right since it's basically left-aligned.
  20. I can't scroll to bottom of page on activity stream anymore.... the new filter bar causes the page to jump back up to it. So I'm endlessly trying to scroll down to hit the mark read button unsuccessfully.
  21. When do you expect the new bug fixes to be out? Would really like the tracker to stop displaying three different amounts raised depending on which page your on, as well as to stop unapproved donations as being added to the amount raised. People feel less inclined to donate when the goals are showing close or met already even though they're still actually a long way off.
  22. I think the links it allows should be expanded. I want to add a link to my IRC channel, but the menu manager just tells me that kind of link isn't allowed. I'm guessing it's only allowing http:// and https:// but it would be nice to see other options like irc:// be allowed.
  23. 3.2.10 It's the latest your site shows.
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