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Make sure the file is here: /your-ips-root-folder/system/Content/ShareServices/Whatsappcvh.php. As long as the file is there it should show in your admin cp on the sharing page even if you haven't installed the .xml file. The .xml file is only for the template. If might be named something odd - Whatsappcvh - if you haven't installed the xml file.

Is it showing on topics in mobile/tablet? Or just not in the admin cp? The latest version hides the share link on frontend on desktop view because it doesn't do anything there.  Could put a toggle setting if this is your issue?

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why hardcoded only for mobile?

http://web.whatsapp.com is already there


Probably a bug: the whatsapp share icon in my board is red...the background color 'red' is inherited from the 'cShare' css class

​Okay, I tested a few times in RC4 and was able to replicate up until I edited custom.css when editing CSS in Themes. I did notice the CSS/JS was gone from all the hooks I'd installed. This was prior to doing anything but upgrading to RC4 so I think it may be an IPS bug. I'll submit a bug report to see.

Is the CSS at least appearing under /core/front/custom in Appearance > Themes > Edit HTML and CSS > CSS? I was able to get the CSS to be compiled on the frontend by editing custom.css under the same sub-folder in the Themes editor and then emptying the IPS cache folder . I didn't test in Designer's Mode, just the Themes web editing.

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yes i am using RC4. oh i didn't recognize that the link with the whatsapp schema isn't recognized by whatsapp web. you are right, it doesn't make sense then.

i don't understand what you mean with "is the css appearing"? i use the default theme and the custom.css is empty

​I meant are you seeing whatsapp_cvh.css listed. Like so:



I posted a bug report and while none of the devs have replied someone else confirmed.


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