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  1. ah i thought it would fix the issue but it didn't xD some of them still have issues in alignment edit: I think because of long tittle ?
  2. thank you <3 it seems the tags showing also on my page is making a bit of a boarder difference is there a way to hide them?
  3. thank you for nice plugin but my website : http://gametecharabia.com/ the article boxes on main pages are not aligned to each other can you help me in a fix
  4. ​ So it's only a mobile feature
  5. I followed the instruction in the zip file and it doesn't work I see it in the admin cp and it's enabled I just did a test forum on my site and it's not showing www.gamingpcforum.com
  6. would this work on 3.4.7 ? :3
  7. Hey thank you for making this but do you have a place so I can try this or atleast see someone using it to get a concept ? would think work with 3.4.7 ?
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