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  1. yes , I will wait for future updates thank you
  2. Hi all icons are changing except for the first one the home button its not changing no matter what I do ( www.gametecharabia.com )
  3. ah i thought it would fix the issue but it didn't xD some of them still have issues in alignment edit: I think because of long tittle ?
  4. thank you <3 it seems the tags showing also on my page is making a bit of a boarder difference is there a way to hide them?
  5. thank you for nice plugin but my website : http://gametecharabia.com/ the article boxes on main pages are not aligned to each other can you help me in a fix
  6. hello I wanted to ask I have custom css made for the avatar but it only shows with threads/posts not in profile or in main page do I have to remove that CSS to use this plugin?
  7. ur home page in the bottom how did u do that <3 :3
  8. anyone using arrow chat on their community would like to see it first hand :3
  9. salue


    I was thinking of using for like game release 2015 by month but can we use images on it ?
  10. salue


    I like it I will most likely buy it but still kinda finding it hard of what use it would give to a gaming site xD if it was cheaper like 10 dollars or 15 dollars I would have bought it coz it's cool XD
  11. but in terms of " MODS " to the forum isn't Xenforo has more mods into making the forum more unique than IPB ? I love IPB and everything but I have been seeing mods and features/plugins on Xenforo that made me go like it's sexy and I like it and I wish it was on IPB
  12. yes that would be great to have +1 to that <3
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