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  1. I had reactivated my forums and tags autocomplete doesn't work correctly. I can't download latest version - please provide one what I paid for.

  2. @Fosters: Could you please add me too?
  3. Same here. But I'm using default IPB 4.3 theme.
  4. Thank you very much for your support. Everything is working now.
  5. Hi Adriano, currently I'm trying to bring my board from v3.4 to 4.2.8 - everything worked fine so far. Later this month I decided to migrate the tutorials too. But I'm getting an error during installation: No permission an error msg 1S111/1 Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key What is going wrong?
  6. ok, so we have to create a plugin...it's too bad, because it was a useful functionality.
  7. it's also for people with coding experience like me (i made a couple of hooks myself for ips3) not to easy to understand how pages is really working. and i don't want to spend days or weeks with trial and error to learn it on my own.
  8. yes i am using RC4. oh i didn't recognize that the link with the whatsapp schema isn't recognized by whatsapp web. you are right, it doesn't make sense then. i don't understand what you mean with "is the css appearing"? i use the default theme and the custom.css is empty
  9. thanks for the answer. then another question regarding permissions. is the guests group in collaboration all the users that are not member of the current collaboration? if yes, which group are the real guests (not logged in users)? for the collaboration menu there is already or there will be a customization option? nethertheless this is a great tool, fits much better into our needs than social groups that we are using today. i am looking forward to see it growing.
  10. why hardcoded only for mobile? http://web.whatsapp.com is already there Probably a bug: the whatsapp share icon in my board is red...the background color 'red' is inherited from the 'cShare' css class
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