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  1. I researched this article because from june 2015 in Italy a site will receive a € 120,000 fine if is not comply with EU Cookie Law Be honestly, I can not understand how one can speak for 5 pages if IPS should or should not or not to add this feature to its products as it is based in the USA rather than in EU. If I was a business company and if some of my clients require for their market some extra change to one of my products I would do it and I would sell them. Of course they will pay extra for this modification. Since I live producing and selling software this is for me a great business opportunity. My only question would be if I will produce an already changed version of my software or sell them just a plugin, but it certainly would sell them what they ask for. But as I said if I was a business company I will just care to earn money instead of talking whether or not my market is in USA rather than in EU.
  2. Funny, two years ago I was asking the same: >
  3. ....or maybe he meant to say that all our personal information (friends, what we like and do not like, gender; location; contact informatios as email, Skype, telephone number, etc..) will be visible ONLY to members who are added as friends and not to others.
  4. For example, by making the profile (with a small photos gallery) visible only to friends and not just to everybody as it is now :)
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. I'll give both of you my best wishes :)
  6. It is not a real bug. but I do not see the point, if I read a PM and then I click on "view new content" that instead of displaying the new post I visualize the new members. :)
  7. + 1 ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > I have also a couple of questions: is it possible to self change the icons? is it possible to have this mod to self recognize the users location by IP as on Yahoo! ?
  8. There is something strange in personal profiles. ...in the old 3.1 the personal data (Member Title, Age, Birthday, Gender, Location, etc. etc. ) were separated by a "My Information" bar from the statis ( Group, Active Posts, Profile Views) : see here http://invisionfocus.../user/4-jekyll/ In the new ipb 3.2 in the personal data are written directly in the "Community Stats" and that do not make much sense both from a linguistic and a logical point of view. http://community.inv...4840-dr-jekyll/ I think it would be better if: a) add also a bar that says "My Information" to separates "My Infomation" from "Community Stats"; b) change "community stats" in "My Information" after all the statistics are refered to the user c) Remove the bar and the text "community stats" and have ( Group, Active Posts, Profile Views, Member Title, Age, Birthday, Gender, Location, etc. etc.) to be aligned on the left soon after stars d) rename "Community Stats" in something else Do not think that it does Seem an odd title? Do you have suggestions? :baby:
  9. The excellent support of IPS is often underestimated. I see that when we discuss the advantages of ipb over vB and XF, we almost never speak about the exceptional support we have with ips. :smile: No denying it, sooner or later we all need support. :wink:
  10. I disagree with you. As Charles says just do not use them if you don't liked. We may well be against Facebook, but if all of our users like facebook we must give them what they want. Our forums may also be free but in the end, if our communities are not busy we do not have advertising revenue and fail to pay the costs of the server, of additional add on for ipb, of custom skins, etc.. etc.. I consider IPS made a very positive effort ​​to update IPB without changing its primary function as board cms. They have made ​​some courageous decisions and we must appreciate this even if don't agree with all they have done. Rikki has outdone himself creating a skin which is bright, functional and very friendly we may not like some graphic elements (for example, I find incomprehensible those pink parts) but for just some single aspect we do not like. we can not lose sight of the 'overall picture, let's admit it , they did a great job with ipb 3.2. I respect your idea, probably you like you a Bord without any social aspects, however, you must also respects others choices. Charles, Matt & Co can not satisfy everyone, they need to find compromises between your idea of ​​board and that of others, who, like me, think that ipb 3.2 has not enough social aspects For example, I find that it is wrong that the members profile is visible to all users and not just the ones that I add as a "friend", I find is wrong that in my profile there is only a single photo and can't have a small gallery show more photo pf me (of course visible only to who I add as friends). I find that is wrong we can groups and that we can't have private spaces to discuss with my friends (or we use PM or a public discussion on the contrary of what you can do on facebook.) If our members spend less time on our boards and more on facebook, don't you think that FB respond better to users need in 2011? My two cents :wink:
  11. Sorry Matt, but one thing is to ask us in a pool if we will update our forums to ipb 3.2, another is to create a specific pool to ask us about each specific function that was removed/changed. Seeing that pool, we do not know how many said they would update their site to ipb 3.2 because they are happy with the new features you added (eg prefix and tags), or because if they remain firm for ipb 3.1 they couldn't update hook / mod and how many users will update to ipb 3.2 only because at this moment there are no alternatives to ipb (vB is in "bad water", xenforo is still too young and doesn't have yet any add on ). My two cents :) P.S. For the record I'll update to ipb 3.2 because I think that what's been added is worth much more than what has been taken
  12. It is not the same thing, meanwhile than 2 minutes in 2 minutes you have to work 30 minutes more for something that we had before " just out of the box". Then it is not said that a hook will functions after an ipb's update (...and probably need to be reinstalled again). Do not forget that a developer could also stop updating a hook, or stop to make it for free. As I like the team of developers to the new ipb 3.2 graphics, I must admit that TSilva have a good point here. My two cents ;)
  13. In the ipb 3.2 preview board, it was proposed two alternatives to the current icon "Like this" (one with a thumbs up and another with a heart). Is it possible to have these two icons too, maybe just as a download in the "ips marketplace"? :)
  14. Same here in Italy ;) I've been thinking about your proposal and I think your idea is very good. Not only will you meet all possible local laws, but also prevent potential lawsuits on the legal interpretation. With your system you can prove, beyond any reasonably doubt, that your member, with that particular email and ip in that specific day (month, hour, year) has accepted the rules / guidelines Great! :wink:
  15. Are you sure that you have to do it? In my opinion (but I could be wrong) it may be irritating for some members. Don't you think would be better to send to all members a mail informing them that the board rules are changed and referring to a specific topic for further questions / feedback? :)
  16. ...I begin to have suspect that Charles is a Logitech's shareholder :tongue:
  17. ...this topic wasn't whether to leave or remove the "topic description" but if we like it the topic subscription is placed under the subforum(s) or just under title (and before subforum) as in ipb 3.1.x :dry:
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