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  1. Cookie Notice

    @Joey_M Have you tried re-installing the plugin after installing the theme? I really don't know what the problem could be. But I will be able to take a look soon, I'm waiting for @ehren. to release the 4.2 update for the theme I use from him.
  2. Thank you for the update and continued maintenance of 'Go To Top' for IPS 4.2.  

  3. Alright new version is up. Note that in order to add these settings, larger parts of the code had to be modified, so things may break more easily as IPS releases updates, specially now during the beta stages of 4.2. (New version is not compatible with 4.1.19 or lower. Older versions are still there if you need them)
  4. I'm gonna update my plugin to add a couple of settings to its current features. - Remove dot setting. - Make topic title link go to first unread setting.
  5. That means that the link to the "new comment" would be there for as long as the cache is not renewed even if you already read the topic, and also it would not show up right away when there's new content. You can reduce that caching to 60 seconds but still I think it would give problems.
  6. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    https://chatlio.com/ It's Slack using that I believe.
  7. New IPS community URL

    Took me a few tries @DesignzShop but I got in.
  8. New IPS community URL

    @Lindy the social login handlers need to be updated. Facebook:
  9. For pages what I did some time ago, was setting multiple content fields in the database (as many as languages you want to use). And then I modified the display template to show one content field or the other based on the language the user was using. I can't remember the setting off the top of my head, but you'd use something like {language == X} in an IF statement, X being the language ID.
  10. Cookie Notice

    FAIL. I updated the sheet in the resources folder but for some reason left that one I downloaded incorrectly from the plugins github repository in the css folder. (https://github.com/insites/cookieconsent/) What's weird is that it was working just fine on my live site. Thanks. I just updated it to fix that @Qubabos
  11. Cookie Notice

    I will take a look but it doesn't make much sense for what I've seen so far. When the cookie plugin is enabled, the CSS file that has the style for the "SG_record_image" class is not loaded. Again, it doesn't make sense to me for now because all my plugin is doing is inserting the code they instruct before the </head> element, it's just passing the plugin settings as the parameters. Maybe there's some conflict between both plugins css sheets. It's not fair to just say "it's the other broken" by the other developer, my plugin works just fine on its own, it would probably do the same if you implement the code manually without a plugin. Anyway, I will take a look later.
  12. Cookie Notice

    Alright, update is up. New styles and color options. By default it matches the suite scheme I removed the option to block the GA cookie... but I could bring it back if people actually used it.
  13. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    No idea. I was wondering how you made that lol
  14. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    @Heosforo anything you click on your site takes you to a "Completa tu Perfil" page, to input your username and email. So the question is how good is working for you forcing people to register like that.