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  1. But, why does it bother you having members in the database that don't actually visit the site anymore? I mean it's not like they are giving you extra work or interferring with the activity of your active members. If they want their data deleted the should/could get in touch with you, since GDRP doesn't worry you.
  2. Root canals are not that bad, I had one done and survived. No really... I agree with liquidfractal. Too bad that you experienced this but it's not even close to what most people experiences.
  3. My boss sends reaction pictures (sometimes videos) of himself on the company's internal rocket chat. He's the passive-aggressive type of guy so you know when he's pissed through these reactions and it's kinda funny...
  4. -FP

    Mind Theme

    Was checking the theme out (again :D) and noticed this little bug. When you are logged in and click Discover in the top block, it's supposed to take you to the condensed view activity but it's not doing it. That & maybe? I'm actually not sure how it's supposed to work. Here the button's URL don't show the &, but when you click them it's added to the URL in the browser bar.
  5. This person was of great help fixing issues on my forum.

    I cannot but recommend his applications/plugins and give 5 ?????



  6. Check the IPS anti spam service logs to see what rating these registrarions are getting. Maybe the service is not working at all for some reason.
  7. I understand IPS's point... but considering sparkpost worked just fine for so many people, it seems odd to just remove it. Maybe many of those with issues weren't following the guidelines correctly... like those who claim the software is not working correctly and they have a misconfiguration in the software itself or their server environment. I think using it with SMTP opens the gate for even more issues, but yeah I get your point people won't be able to complain to you if you don't "officially" have a checkbox for sparkpost. #BringSparkpostBack
  8. It would be the nginx config file I believe. Can't really assist much because I use Plesk and they have a menu where you can set all that.
  9. In my case just increasing the php limit was not sufficient. I also had to increase the nginx limit... client_max_body_size Then restarted the services and the errors were gone. So depending on your setup maybe that would do it.
  10. These EU regulations... it's almost like someone has a lot of free time over there. Argue whatever you want, they are just plainly annoying. I thought they couldn't get worse after the EURO 4 for motorcycles. I think this is based on some court rulling stating that IP addresses are personal data in some cases... still annoying.
  11. I've seen this in Discord and other platforms and thought it would be a nice addition here on IPS for us lazy millennials. Make the reaction icons clickable to give a reaction of the same type. Maybe it would need a rework to see all the reactions but hey it's an idea. It would also help with having to tap twice on mobile. More satisfaction in the fastest and easiest way possible.
  12. Is it just me or the notifications window takes forever to load? The circle spins for 5-10 seconds before it shows anything.
  13. What? Beta is coming April third? Is that it? IS THAT THE HINT!?
  14. -FP

    Mind Theme

    I just saw this and I wanted to tip my hat to you for this pretty cool theme, especially being free. The header with people's posts popping up is pretty neat.
  15. -FP

    Cookie Notice

    Thanks for the detailed information. I’m currenly away so I won’t be able to take a look until 2 or 3 weeks from now. Have you tried to completely uninstall and install again instead of upgrading? That should fix the javascript issue at least. What’s your IPS version?
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