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  1. What am I missing here? After Upgrading Forums and Commerce I received the following warning in red header: Payment method settings need updating Stripe settings need to be revd. Payment issues may occur until this is addressed. Fix this After going into Stripe and setting up the webhook endpoint with all possible event types selected and entering the signing secret it then says: There is not a webhook set up or it does not have all event types enabled. Here is the webhook: Webhook details Update details… URL https://fishingminnesota.com/forums/applications/nexus/interface/gateways/stripe.php Event types transfer.created transfer.failed transfer.paid transfer.reversed transfer.canceled transfer.updated topup.canceled topup.created topup.failed topup.reversed topup.succeeded tax_rate.created tax_rate.updated subscription_schedule.aborted subscription_schedule.canceled subscription_schedule.completed subscription_schedule.created subscription_schedule.expiring subscription_schedule.released subscription_schedule.updated source.canceled source.chargeable source.failed source.mandate_notification source.refund_attributes_required source.transaction.created source.transaction.updated sku.created sku.deleted sku.updated sigma.scheduled_query_run.created setup_intent.canceled setup_intent.created setup_intent.setup_failed setup_intent.succeeded review.closed review.opened reporting.report_run.failed reporting.report_run.succeeded reporting.report_type.updated recipient.created recipient.deleted recipient.updated radar.early_fraud_warning.created radar.early_fraud_warning.updated product.created product.deleted product.updated plan.created plan.deleted plan.updated person.created person.deleted person.updated payout.canceled payout.created payout.failed payout.paid payout.updated payment_method.attached payment_method.card_automatically_updated payment_method.detached payment_method.updated payment_intent.amount_capturable_updated payment_intent.canceled payment_intent.created payment_intent.payment_failed payment_intent.succeeded order_return.created order.created order.payment_failed order.payment_succeeded order.updated mandate.updated issuing_transaction.created issuing_transaction.updated issuing_settlement.created issuing_settlement.updated issuing_dispute.created issuing_dispute.updated issuing_cardholder.created issuing_cardholder.updated issuing_card.created issuing_card.updated issuing_authorization.created issuing_authorization.request issuing_authorization.updated invoiceitem.created invoiceitem.deleted invoiceitem.updated invoice.created invoice.deleted invoice.finalized invoice.marked_uncollectible invoice.payment_action_required invoice.payment_failed invoice.payment_succeeded invoice.sent invoice.upcoming invoice.updated invoice.voided file.created customer.created customer.deleted customer.updated customer.discount.created customer.discount.deleted customer.discount.updated customer.source.created customer.card.created customer.bank_account.created customer.source.deleted customer.card.deleted customer.bank_account.deleted customer.source.expiring customer.source.updated customer.card.updated customer.bank_account.updated customer.subscription.created customer.subscription.deleted customer.subscription.pending_update_applied customer.subscription.pending_update_expired customer.subscription.trial_will_end customer.subscription.updated customer.tax_id.created customer.tax_id.deleted customer.tax_id.updated credit_note.created credit_note.updated credit_note.voided coupon.created coupon.deleted coupon.updated checkout.session.completed charge.captured charge.expired charge.failed charge.pending charge.refunded charge.succeeded charge.updated charge.dispute.closed charge.dispute.created charge.dispute.funds_reinstated charge.dispute.funds_withdrawn charge.dispute.updated charge.refund.updated capability.updated balance.available account.updated account.external_account.created account.external_account.deleted account.external_account.updated
  2. I've been around the block having run forums since 1997. After researching many forums, I found the best. Invision Community not only makes things easy, they keep disrupting themselves to stay light years ahead of the competition. You really can't go wrong. Rick Owner: http://FishingMinnesota.com/forums/
  3. AGREED... Real Mobile Push * no subscription service * no 3rd party * self hosted
  4. Thank you @Lindy & @Charles . @bfarber your consistent help is amazing.
  5. I agree. The IPB team listens and keeps making incremental improvements. They are superb and their software is as well. Looking forward to streamlined paid club memberships and PWA mobile app for our forums. The next time Facebook stumbles we will be in an even better position to regain our former audiences. Thank you IPB Team for the great opportunity you have given us with your software.
  6. This is a great idea. Looking forward to it being in 4.3 along with the Clubs paid subscription being improved so it actually works effectively and makes a Commerce purchase worthwhile.
  7. There is some kind of bug in the new version as our forums are now messed up with pics too big and text micro-sized on mobile. This just recently occurred after the upgrade.
  8. If you upgrade regularly IPS is really very good. It's a breeze. IPS is still the BEST. Now that you are upgraded, stay upgraded. It's easy. I still don't understand why sparkpost API capability was removed. Options are great and should have been left as is. If one has an issue with sparkpost, then don't use them. Simple. Those of us who like Sparkpost SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PUNISHED WITH A DOWNGRADED OPTION because of those who didn't like sparkpost for whatever reason. ****rant over****
  9. Seriously, if IPS gets this right ... this baby is a real winner. Many of you will want commerce. Granted, I only have a meager 5 subscribers. But after all the crap they had to go through to get signed up tells me every step we can eliminate for a potential subscriber gives us a 5 to 10 fold increase in subscribers. Sometimes techies don't really get marketing and I understand that. It's not their thing. Marketing and reducing friction is what takes your business to the next level. Please IPS, help us out here..... Paid Clubs are seriously dieing on the battlefield right now. We're looking for reinforcements .... Can you please help, even a teeny tiny bit on an upcoming upgrade? STOP THE BLEEDING
  10. Any IPS staff input? Can you please give us at least a little reduction in the friction to become a paid Club Subscriber? Please?
  11. Unfortunately, the friction to subscribe in Clubs is extreme. VERY BAD! Any IPS staff input? Can you please give us at least a little reduction in the friction to become a Club Subscriber?
  12. The Club Subscription Idea by IPS is a surefire winner folks. Kudos to all of you who had a hand in this. Once we can implement it so it can be marketed properly then it should become a winner in reality. Unfortunately, the friction to subscribe is extreme. VERY BAD! Any IPS staff input? Can you please give us at least a little reduction in the friction to become a Club Subscriber? Anyone else trying to use the function where members can build their own subscription clubs... HOW BAD IS IT? Paid Subscriptions to Clubs with how it is currently is really NOT GOOD. There is no way I would even attempt allowing my members to start their own paid subscriptions. They would string us up in short order. It's that BAD. IPS Staff - Can you please give us at least a little reduction in the friction to become a Club Subscriber?
  13. @Charles cutting the friction down as Joel R suggests is pretty much a necessity to grow subscriptions. On a positive note I do have 3 conversions to subscriber status after 1000s of paid click through via our marketing program. It's better than a 0% conversion rate, but is god awful when considering how many really could use what we are offering. Doing this right can give you guys a huge competitive advantage especially over Facebook groups.
  14. @Joel R do you think there's a chance they can fix this?
  15. Before anyone buys commerce to use paid clubs, you should be aware it is difficult for a guest to become a paid club member. We've been marketing and had 45 people enter into the 2nd step. That's a pretty good number based on the visits generated. 1st Step - They have to come to your community - 252 visits based on marketing. 2nd Step - They have to sign-up to be a Forum Member. 45 potential members 3rd Step - They have authorize forum membership via email. 43 members gained - Yayyy 4th Step - They have to come back to your community again. 5th Step - They have to find the club again and Ask to Join the Club and wait for Approval to join. - 3 members 6th step - After approval they are told they can now pay $1 to join. - 0 members Ideally, it would be nice to just come, pay for the club subscription and become a member. This would make the club subscription and commerce a HUGE WINNER!!! Anything that can be done to make the process less painful will help towards making paid clubs a success. Will it at least be possible to give us another option? - Subscribers: These folks can pay and automatically become viewing members Is anyone else having success with the paid club subscriptions?
  16. I believe Clubs are going to be a big deal. Kudos to the IPS team here ? I also applaud what they are doing with the Commerce integration with clubs. Making it so Members can create their own subscription, service or product related clubs. Obviously the IPS team sees something big here as well. I'm sure most will start small. As the number of member generated clubs grows there will be a HUGE NEED FOR CATEGORIES. The custom items method will be cumbersome and really won't fit the bill. For sure not intuitively. I am very grateful to the team here for handing something to us that finally gives us a bit of an edge towards other social networks. Members will now be able to earn from their content. Thank you @Charles @Lindy and the rest of the crew here!! ?
  17. How do users figure out how to simply sort for it?
  18. Maybe they will add it later. Need something to help with organisation that's easy to do.
  19. I like Sparkpost as well...very much so. I fully understand Lindy's reasoning. With the Sparkpost integration it costs IPS to support. It would be nice if it could stay as is and a WARNING: added at the integration that all Support for Sparkpost will need to go through Sparkpost if this integration is chosen.
  20. It would be nice if we could allow folks to get a free trial subscription that automatically became a paid subscription if they didn't cancel after the trial period.
  21. Is it even possible to follow a forum on mobile android using Chrome? If so, shouldn't it be easier to more intuitive? If not, shouldn't it be?
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