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  1. I was having the same issue a while back. I posted in the topic on the Tapatalk site with a potential fix. I also tagged the plugin developer in that post.
  2. @marklcfc The issue is not with this app. There's no javascript loaded. It's simply a link. A link wouldn't cause that error.
  3. @marklcfc Do you use caching? Does running the support function fix it? There should be no difference since all there is in whatsapp_cvh.css is: .cShareLink_whatsapp { background-color: #3C8A38; } ul[data-controller="core.front.core.sharelink"] > li:empty { display: none; }
  4. @sobrenome Glad you got it working.
  5. Do you mean there's none or only one?
  6. Make sure plugin is uninstalled in the admin CP. Does the table core_share_links have an entry (or more) with a share_key of whatsappcvh, whatsapp, or some variant thereof? If so, a screenshot would be helpful. If there is no entry then download the contents of your /plugins folder and see if there's a folder with a file with somewhere within the lines "if ( $this->key != 'whatsappcvh' )" and "class _Whatsappcvh". Also do a search of /system/Content/ShareServices/ and see if there's more than one file with "class _Whatsappcvh". If there's only one then it's as it should be.
  7. @sobrenome I think perhaps another plugin/app is conflicting or perhaps even stuff in the DB from the previous install? I even compared share plugins from other developers to see if there was some issue with how I was using it and they used the same setup. @Safety1st Thanks for reporting. I'll look into the encoding. I did a side by side comparison of javascript's encodeURIComponent encoding of a url with an ampersand and the way it's done server side via the plugin but I'll check around to see if differences on Windows Phone 8.1 are mentioned.
  8. @sobrenome I've compared to other share services in the marketplace and confirmed we do use the same sort of class in the same folder. I've attempted to clean up any code ambiguities in this new version (1.0.10) I just released to see if it does the trick. I am waiting to see if IPS changes the way they discover share services. Do you currently have a copy of 1.0.8 if the new version still does not work for you? I can attach a copy for you if you don't.
  9. @sobrenome I'm going to be switching back to using only the plugin and no extra files per the upcoming IPS guidelines that were announced. Will update when it's ready. Hopefully that fixes the issue.
  10. Yes. That error means it can't read the file or that the Whatsappcvh.php file isn't in the proper folder. I've run the file through the IDE again and can't see anything. Let's try this. Uninstall the plugin via the interface. Upload the contents of the /upload folder. If the file is in the proper place it should show up in Admin CP > Sharing though don't enable, it's just to see if it's there. If it's not there, to look further into this I'd need some form of access.
  11. Are you sure you have the file at /your-ips-folder/system/Content/ShareServices/Whatsappcvh.php? I uninstalled the app, deleted the file on my system, and then uploaded the file again. Simply by doing that it shows up as 'Whatsappcvh' in Admin CP > System > Sharing. I downloaded the plugin and installed from there so the zip doesn't seem corrupt. The plugin install itself is for the template, language strings, and settings rather than making it show up in Admin CP > System > Sharing. What do you mean? I just downloaded the zip and see both the xml file and the /upload folder. The file that is necessary should be at /your-ips-folder/system/Content/ShareServices/Whatsappcvh.php on your server after you upload the contents of the /upload folder.
  12. Did you upload the file in the /upload folder?
  13. @sobrenome I don't use an index.html file in the plugin nor do I do anything with the file system. I've seen issues with the file system sometimes caused by Opcache but that's not controlled by my plugin. What does uninstalling and reinstalling do?
  14. Yes, I tried both the share button and a random image and the Pinterest popup appeared with an image from your site. Without advanced settings it is simply a link (like most of the other IPS share services). To change your FB share picture you to click 'Edit' on your theme(s), go to the 'Logos' tab, and upload a 'Sharer Logo.' It is perplexing... especially since the more advanced settings have Pinterest do all the work. This is what I see when I click the Pinterest button at the link you provided:
  15. I tested on a random image and then the button. it worked for me in Chrome on Windows 8.1. AFAIK Pinterest doesn't need firewall access but I've heard that ad blockers and other plugins can cause issues. Does the most basic setting work? That one is a simple link and doesn't use any of the extra Pinterest options.
  16. @Lab Rats Rule What settings are you using and what do you mean by not working? That it does not popup the Pinterest page, wrong URL linked to, or... ? I just tested all the settings on a site that is completely SSL and the sharing functions are working for me. If you could please provide an example URL here or in PM. Thanks.
  17. Adds the Pocket service to IPS 4.1.x.
  18. Tumblr share link plugin for 4.1.x.
  19. Updated the description to point out uploading the file is necessary.
  20. Do you use Country Field? If so, the latest versions fix the disabled plugin issue (meaning, it now works even if disabled).
  21. The issue is that it's trying to save the member object instead of just the member id. Should be something like this in \applications\autowelcome\modules\admin\settings\settings.php: if ( !empty( $values[ 'aw_pm_from' ] ) and $values[ 'aw_pm_from' ]->member_id ) { $values[ 'aw_pm_from' ] = $values[ 'aw_pm_from' ]->member_id; } if ( !empty( $values[ 'aw_email_from' ] ) and $values[ 'aw_email_from' ]->member_id ) { $values[ 'aw_email_from' ] = $values[ 'aw_email_from' ]->member_id; } if ( !empty( $values[ 'aw_topic_author' ] ) and $values[ 'aw_topic_author' ]->member_id ) { $values[ 'aw_topic_author' ] = $values[ 'aw_topic_author' ]->member_id; } $form->saveAsSettings( $values );
  22. What is the URL? What version of IPS are you on? I just tested on Android and it seems to work for me. @sobrenome
  23. Admin CP > System > Applications. Look under Core for Profiles and click the permissions icon. You should be able to turn off viewing profiles for guests.
  24. To simply put the flag {content}There's no option to put the country name under it put if you put your mouse over it the country name should show up. A setting could be made to display the name under the flag in future releases.
  25. 4.0.10 was supposed to have several performance fixes. We're now on 4.0.11 with 4.0.12 coming out soon-ish.
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