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beta 4

Pete T

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I am also very confused about the upgrade process. I've tried to upload the ZIP file I've downloaded from the client area within the ACP but that did nothing at all. I've then uploaded the contents of the zip via FTP and started the upgrader. It's still hanging though...

The IP annoucement reads like there's an automated update option within the APC but I don't see anything like that

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Maybe I'm slow or blind, but are there upgrade instructions?   Do I not use the TAR upload and install?

​If you look in the ACP under Applications you'll see that an upgrade is available. :) , you can download it direct from there. It will ask for your email / pass (this are the Client Area credentials) then you'll be presented with a .zip file and some screenshots on how to proceed with it.

Note do not click on this 'instructions' page until you have uploaded the new files, it does warn you anyway.

I'm awaiting a small fix for mine (see the linked bug reports) before I proceed as its generating an ISE currently, I've not looked at the 'real' error yet though for this, likely to be related to the bug above.

EDIT... I don't think there's an auto upgrader as such (I could be wrong) its just instructions on how to upgrade, the .zip is great as its super tiny compared to the full build but its specific for that community in what it contains. You'd have to visit the Client Area if you wanted the 'full' package for any reason.

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​I know, Pete. :)

I'm asking if anyone passed throught it and the upgrader finished or if it's a dead end.

​i can upgrade is stop it go back to /upgrade, click fresh untick downloads i now going try with downloads on its own so far all been update part from that one app.

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