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  1. @InvisionHQ can you investigate the issue please? Thanks’ for the help in finding the issue @Spanner
  2. @Spanner PM sent, it was working and suddenly stopped. We don’t have special characters in category names or anything else that I recall.
  3. Having issues with this app a the moment, it's up, it's running but as soon as I try and access a stream I receive a http500 error, normally an internal server error but only with this app. [Thu Oct 17 07:50:52.053692 2019] [lsapi:error] [pid 13300:tid 47401817077504] [client ip address:31686] [host www.] Backend fatal error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught IPS\\Db\\Exception: Incorrect string value: '\\xA3\\xA9' for column 'browser' at row 1 in /home/DB/public_html/system/Db/Db.php:671\nStack trace:\n#0 /home/DB/public_html/system/Db/Db.php(937): IPS\\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\\\Session\\\
  4. @TheJackal84 Unless I'm missing something, you can't "join" a tournament, you can only be invited to join a tournament? Surely a team should be able to request to join a tournament, it should sent the tournament creator a request who will accept or decline the request? If there a no available teams left within the tournament, a default message of "sorry tournament is full" should be sent or something similar? This really needs to be addressed to make it workable.
  5. Thank's for the update @doc appreciated. Couple of things bug related / mobile browser related / feature requests. 1: Mobile image backgrounds are notorious for scrolling with the page, I have added some custom ccs to circum navigate that issue. body:before { content: ""; display: block; position: fixed; left: 0; top: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; z-index: -10; background: url(your background) no-repeat center center; -webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; } Can you implement thi
    The nicest theme on the marketplace, fast to respond and update 👏👏👏👏
  6. @doc The theme disables logo on mobile, what's the best way to enable it on mobile for this theme?
  7. In headofsite div, that contains the logo & the main search. It would be good to have a full width banner option, the height being adjustable to suit the banner. Fixed in place at the top, with the option to be scrollable & logo position adjustable. Thank's, figured it out - needs a drop down arrow in my view.
  8. Hi @doc, just purchased your theme and I have to say this has potential to be the best theme released on IPS in my view. Top marks 👍 I have this installed at the moment and I have some questions, some bugs to highlight. Questions: What is summertime, what is it's purpose? Doesn't make sense to me? Can a banner image be set, fixed probably using where the search area is, using a setting from within theme? On desktop, vertical menu - what has happened to the admin cp and mod cp links? On desktop the menu is not carried over as defined in the ACP, it is what you
  9. By the time they press cancel, it’s generally uploaded? Unless it’s a large file. Easier just to delete once uploaded.
  10. Of course, however last place can challenge 2nd last place or within a set range. Otherwise they can’t climb the ladder, any new joins are automatically last place in the ladder.
  11. Really need a proper ladder, rather than a pyramid. The pyramid is not being received well with the staff & I presume with the users as well. Maybe you can introduce this as an option, show ladder as pyramid or traditional ladder. A ladder is not restricted in the amount of entries a pyramid is.
  12. It’s more the 21 team limit which is the issue, I do prefer option 1 over 2 tbh. People are more accustomed to the traditional ladder system. I have installed it and will give some feedback in due course. Thanks for the addition though, appreciated.
  13. Just out of curiosity @TheJackal84, you chose a pyramid style rather than the standard ladder system. Any particular reason for this? You seem to be limiting the amount of teams that can enter and will eventually cause style issues? Haven’t updated yet and may be a moot point.
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