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  1. By the time they press cancel, it’s generally uploaded? Unless it’s a large file. Easier just to delete once uploaded.
  2. Of course, however last place can challenge 2nd last place or within a set range. Otherwise they can’t climb the ladder, any new joins are automatically last place in the ladder.
  3. Really need a proper ladder, rather than a pyramid. The pyramid is not being received well with the staff & I presume with the users as well. Maybe you can introduce this as an option, show ladder as pyramid or traditional ladder. A ladder is not restricted in the amount of entries a pyramid is.
  4. It’s more the 21 team limit which is the issue, I do prefer option 1 over 2 tbh. People are more accustomed to the traditional ladder system. I have installed it and will give some feedback in due course. Thanks for the addition though, appreciated.
  5. Just out of curiosity @TheJackal84, you chose a pyramid style rather than the standard ladder system. Any particular reason for this? You seem to be limiting the amount of teams that can enter and will eventually cause style issues? Haven’t updated yet and may be a moot point.
  6. Looks good, chomping at the bit to test. Any ideas as to when it’ll be ready @TheJackal84?
  7. What kind of timescale are we looking at?
  8. Staff would need to confirm the tournament as ready for the ladder tournament to appear, whether 2, 4, 6, or 8 teams etc. have entered. I would be looking for option to end after x amount of games played for example as a setting, or continues ladder tournament or end after set date. Never ending is good, but if someone wants to join the ladder tournament, the ability to join an existing ladder tournament would be welcome. Would be handy for world record scores for example, ability to set up a ladder and allow people to join and submit scores but would need to be able to supply evidence via a video, screenshot etc & then be approved. Not necessary at this stage but something for it to be added too in the future?
  9. Superb, I’m being harassed for a quick turnaround for the next DLC drop. We obviously want to have it implemented and live by then and obviously tested and bugs reported/fixed etc. DLC drops tomorrow 😜 😂 (kidding, about 4 weeks time), talking a fortnight max?
  10. @TheJackal84 need ladder feature asap. Do you have this in mind anytime soon? If not, can we strike a deal for a fairly quick turn around?
  11. No the actual buttons on the page for teams, you have add teams, on tournaments you have add tournament. It would be more intuitive to have add team and add tournament side by side. The old app was in my applications folder on server and it was an out of date app in applications acp. I know, been waiting on the release but we have a planned tournament coming up with ad sponsors and needed a solution. Sorry. Had no idea you had it on the roadmap again.
  12. Ok bought the app, looking good so far. Couple of points to highlight. 1: If you had the old tournaments app installed, it will be an out of date application. Delete it or this will not install as the system thinks it is already installed. It’s not an upgrade. 2: You may need to remove Db tables referring to the old tournaments system, I did as a precaution. 3: You need to supply a user guide and install instructions in the download, not everyone is as “tech savvy” as others and will need some direction. 4: User guide, it’s becoming apparent on what to do etc. but a little bit of guidance wouldn’t go a miss. It’s a premium addon, it should be there. 5: Why have main menu tournaments and then a sub menu teams? You could simply add buttons for add category and add team side by side. 6: landing page, where it can be edited to advise players etc. of the the tournament rules and so forth. This is just minor feedback at present @TheJackal84 but looking a good app so far 👏👏👏
  13. I think it would be more popular if the price was lower and the renewal. I appreciate the hardwork that goes into making these but the price is a bit prohibitive.
  14. Was looking to demo this buts it’s broken on your site @thejackal
  15. Actually, it's cool. I won't be purchasing. I can achieve what I want to do by copying the forum topic to the news database and then, add an article image and post. I truncated the following data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='7 lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='remove'> to data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size='3 lines' data-ipsTruncate-type='remove'> It just needs manual input but that's a job for the admin and staff to do, until a fully automated system is available.
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