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  1. New: Delayed Deletes

    Looking forward to the day people stop being so melodramatic and being so angry. Whatever way you look at it, it is the reintroduction of soft delete - run along now.
  2. New: Delayed Deletes

    Thank you for listening to feedback from IPS users on this subject, looking forward to the reintroduction of soft delete.
  3. IPS Community Suite 4.2 Coming Soon

    Yeah, I'm not overly impressed with it. I've been with IPS for years and not even contemplating switching but fancied a look. It looks so basic and bland and for being nearly 3 years since it was announced, I would have expected substantially more than what they are offering,
  4. Tournaments

    Everyone needs to chill and let the author be; I'd rather have a nice, functional system than a quick, buggy release just so everyone can get real pissy.
  5. Tournaments

    If you could somehow have integration with a bracket system such as Challonge, that would be great. The original ladder system that was implemented in your plugin was great too - having some display mechanism for existing sites that allow embedding like Challonge would be great though.
  6. iAwards

    @-RAW- @GrooveOnBeat I have to agree, although sorting awards is available, it is not exactly intuitive. A click and drag to sort the order they want would be a simpler solution.
  7. [DR] Live Streams

    Definitely worth the effort Dylan, I've been waiting for this - the free custom setup one although good can't beat a dedicated app.
  8. I had hair when this rewrite was first announced
  9. Logging in will log out all other devices

    You should be able to be logged in on multiple devices, it has been a bug bear of mine and our users ever since IPS 4 was released.
  10. Suggestion for articles image

    An image library would be advantageous, I had the same issue when using images for icons read/unread. Which meant if you had 50 forums displayed it called 50 images rather than one image, as you have to upload a separate image for each section.
  11. (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics

    Then if you made the custom theme yourself then you need to investigate what the root cause is, if this is a theme from a IPS themer then you need to contact them for investigation/update. Don't blame the author of the plugin if it's not the plugin at fault.
  12. (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics

    Did you run the support tool? This usually clears up small things - advisable to do so and let the author know before requesting a refund. How long have you had the mod? Which theme are you using and by whom? Does it happen on the default theme? I have several themes installed, our own custom design and others, all up to date, as are all applications and plugins and I have this plugin and no such error occurs.
  13. iAwards

    We haven't had a fix for the issues being reported in over a fortnight, I know they are being looked at @-RAW- @Morrigan. Any chance of an update on how things are going with the fix? That's over 2 weeks of issues of auto awarding and not being able to remove awards amongst others.
  14. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    That's one aspect that I feel it lacks, having to add people to the group who can edit items - can you not set it so it has permissions already set from the ACP?
  15. Auto Reply to Topics

    Excellent, thanks all sorted with the alter query.