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  1. My community would love this. You don't need to give your mobile number, you can use the 2-step auth with codes and just use an app like Google Authenticator...
  2. Hi @Donkerrood, Are you planning on updating this for IPS4 at all? One of the staff on my forums are going ape **** that we've not got an easy way to edit tags on 4.0 Cheers
  3. Hi all, Matt fixed this for me last time but have re-duped my forums over to a test board. Where is it that I can find these to edit the parameters? Cheers
  4. Hi there, Is there some kind of script available that will go through and delete the remnants of IPB 3.x? I'm just wondering if there'll be excess crap laying around on the sever, when there need not be? Cheers
  5. Answered my own question here by playing Open up your extracted IPS4 file locally and compare to your server files and delete stuff that's not there. Got rid of a fair bit of crap from the early IPB3.x installs!
  6. ​He's good! At least he's killing the bugs!
  7. The fix is to just clear the browser cache. A few people, including me, have experienced this.
  8. ​Hi, was this a thing? In Beta 4(a) this doesn't happen.
  9. ​Fixed, didn't realise that you could select default and that JS was working. Thanks!
  10. ​Nope it hasn't - I'm trying to delete it but it's being testing.
  11. ​Thanks, that worked on the front end. Though I can't login at all which is a bit strange. What about changing the back end theme to use the new one?
  12. ​It's all there, HTML wise but the CSS and theme images aren't there. See my bug report here: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/beta-4-upgrade-from-347-theme-is-screwed-r908/
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